Industrial Wash Systems

Powerful industrial wash systems provide heavy-duty cleaning power for mining and oil vehicles.

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Manual & Robotic Wash Systems

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As a leading manufacturer of industrial wash systems, InterClean provides the best wash system for heavy-duty industrial oil and mining vehicles. In addition to heavy duty automatic wash systems and wheel and chassis wash systems, InterClean also offers manual and robotic wash systems. The manual and robotic wash systems accommodate:
These innovative systems offer users absolute directional control over cleaning processes.

Manual Wash Systems

Manual wash systems offer a safer, more effective and economical alternative to standard pressure washers. The high-volume, low-pressure design used by InterClean manual wash systems provides a stream of focused and intense water to maximize cleaning impact and simplify the wash cycle of even the dirtiest mining and oil vehicles.

Designed to quickly remove heavy accumulation of soil/solids from a vehicle in minimal time​, key features of the InterClean manual vehicle and heavy demucking wash systems include:

InterClean’s manual wash systems rely on efficient and effective wash water recycling through use of the proven EQ100 water recycling module. This water recycling system removes contaminants in the water and allows the manual wash system to recycle up to 90% of wash water. The combined EQ100 water recycling system and high-pressure pump can simultaneously feed up to four hoses.

Heavy-duty mining vehicle being manually washed

Our Featured Manual Wash Systems

InterClean offers multiple manual wash system configurations, including:

Wash Boy

Washman System

Manual Wash Monitor Mounted to a tower
Tower Mounted Wash Monitor

The Wash Titan System

Wash Titan Plus System

Robotic Wash System

Robotic Wash Systems can clean large, heavy-duty mining vehicles with no personnel in the wash bay for safety reasons. The solution is an entirely automatic, robotic system designed to clean equipment and vehicles with multiple monitors running simultaneously during the wash cycle. Key benefits of the InterClean robotic vehicle wash system include:

Robotic wash system on pavement

Why Use Manual & Robotic
Wash Systems

The InterClean manual & robotic wash systems are state-of-the-art
wash equipment with numerous benefits:

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Our high-tech, heavy-duty industrial wash equipment is designed with industrial parts that can withstand the most vigorous washing applications. Mining and oil vehicles can build up a lot of mud and debris that can lead to corrosion and wear on the braking and driveline systems. Thoroughly cleaning mining and oil vehicles is imperative to reducing their downtime, maintenance and operational costs. Our manual and robotic wash systems extend the lifespan of your equipment and help you spend less time and money on maintenance.

Wash & Install Flexibility

At InterClean, we recognize that wash and install flexibility is especially important for the mining and oil industry, where washing needs vary greatly. The types of vehicles you service, the corrosives your vehicles are exposed to, and the water restrictions in your area affect your industrial washing machine requirements. InterClean is a leader in innovation and we offer custom solutions to meet your industrial washing needs. Whether you’re concerned with water consumption, flexible operation, or easy installation, InterClean is here to help.

Improve Safety

When it comes to cleaning large, heavy-duty mining and oil vehicles, employee safety is a big concern. InterClean’s robotic wash systems are completely automatic and use multiple monitors that can perform numerous wash duties simultaneously using a combination of high-pressure / low-volume water applications. This automation means no more personnel in the wash bay.

Our manual wash systems use a direct stream for high-pressure applications enabling wash bay attendants to stand further away without sacrificing the effectiveness of a high-pressure wash. Using relatively low pressure, under 300 PSI, at high volumes to remove the soiling buildup is also a much safer method than the ultra high pressure wands operating at 10,000 -20,000 PSI.

Efficient Wash Solution

Mining and oil vehicles perform in extreme conditions and require routine maintenance to operate safely and efficiently. Before maintenance, equipment must be thoroughly cleaned, which can take up to 8-15 hours. Our robotic wash systems for mining and oil provide a high-quality wash in significantly less time, so you can get your vehicles back to work faster.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Between manual and robotic wash systems, there are a variety of customization options that may work best for your fleet and facility. If you’re committed to a cost-effective, safe, and efficient system, you can’t go wrong with any of our options. Contact our product experts today, so we can help you design a wash system that meets your specific needs.

InterClean has a variety of detergents that you can use for your specialty wash system, including:

  •  InterPower Brush Lube
  •  InterPower Spray Shine
  •  InterPower Defoamer
  •  InterPower Deodorizer
  •  InterPower Thunder X-Treme
  •  InterPower Fast Bug
  •  InterPower Wheel Shine

These biodegradable, environmentally-friendly detergents are specially designed for InterClean equipment, to ensure healthy equipment life. If desired, our systems also support the use of outside vendor-supplied chemicals.