Innovative Heavy-Duty Vehicle Wash Systems

North America’s leading engineering, innovation, and technology provider in the field of large vehicle cleaning applications.

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A pioneer in heavy-duty
touchless wash systems

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Established in 1984, InterClean is now the worldwide leader in innovating, engineering, and manufacturing vehicle wash systems for trucks, heavy transport vehicles, rail fleets, and everything in between.

With almost 3 decades of experience, no one understands heavy duty wash systems better than InterClean.


Are you looking for a cost-effective upgrade to manual washing?  Introducing InterClean’s Single Brush Wash System! This wash system was built to clean fleets powerfully, …

A transit agency in Ohio has a fleet of transit buses that run on hydrogen and emit only water vapor, reflecting the county’s impressive investment …

Heavy-duty mining & oil vehicles and equipment perform in extreme conditions, which can make washing these vehicles a real challenge without the right technology.  That’s …

Did you know you could be washing your light rail transit trains in under 5 minutes?  Check out this video to see the incredibly fast …

InterClean is proud to be exhibiting at MINExpo 2021 at the Las Vegas Convention Center TODAY until Sept. 15! If you’re attending the expo, we …

APTA recognized the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) with the Outstanding Public Transportation System award. The award honoured CTA’s modernization efforts throughout COVID-19 and innovations that …


Superior bus wash systems with design flexibility and proven technology enable you to efficiently and effectively clean your entire bus fleet.


Fast, innovative, and automatic truck wash systems enable you to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness for your entire fleet.


High pressure, custom train wash systems provide safe, efficient, and effective train washes with little maintenance for a variety of climates.


State-of-the-art aircraft wash systems ensure thorough, safe, and efficient aircraft cleaning for public, private, and military applications.


High-pressure military wash systems offer vigorous cleaning power for military vehicles operating in the most extreme conditions.


Heavy-duty, high powered wash systems save you money while offering a powerful and efficient wash process for mining and oil machinery, trucks, and heavy-duty equipment.


InterClean Distributors

A local source for repair, maintenance, parts, and detergent

InterClean heavy duty wash systems are manufactured in the USA and installed and maintained by our broad international network of representatives allowing us to serve customers in every corner of the globe.