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InterClean offers state-of-the-art commercial vehicle wash solutions, purpose-built for light, medium, and heavy-duty applications.

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Vehicle Wash Systems

InterClean designs, installs, and provides maintenance on heavy-duty wash systems for a complete range of light to heavy-duty vehicles. All of our vehicle wash systems are custom-designed to meet each customers’ environmental conditions, water restrictions, budgetary concerns, space allotment, and overall vehicle needs. From truck wash systems to industrial systems, all InterClean equipment is guaranteed and maintained locally.

Blue dump truck going through automatic drive-through wash system
InterClean’s fully automatic drive-through wash systems are 100% customizable, can use touchless, friction, or a both, and offer wash times of under 3 minutes. An automatic wash system is ideal for applications such as:

Automatic truck systems effectively reduce time spent washing large vehicles and simplify the fleet washing processes. Well suited for fleets of any size including those with multiple vehicle styles, operators simply drive the vehicles through the wash bay, and the automatic wash system does the rest!

The InterClean touchless and rollover commercial truck washing systems are available in multiple configurations to provide the best cleaning solution for standard and uniquely shaped vehicles. The Ultra Gantry System can be designed touchless, with friction, or as a hybrid combination. With two different heights available, these systems are ideal for many different applications, including:
After the operator drives the vehicle into the wash bay, parks and exits the vehicle they can trust that the Ultra Gantry wash system will efficiently power away dirt and grime while avoiding sensitive areas. After selecting the appropriate wash program, the machine automatically locates the position of the vehicle and proceeds to complete the wash cycle. Upon completion of the wash cycle, the machine returns to home, signals wash is complete, and the operator enters the vehicle and drives out of the wash bay.
Trailer interior wash system before use.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) passed by the FDA in 2018 raised the bar for the cleaning and sanitization of trailers used to transport food intended for humans or animals. In response to the new regulations, InterClean designed a highly advanced interior trailer washout system that effectively sanitizes the inside of your trailer in as little as 2 minutes. The 3-stage cleaning process helps you minimize downtime while ensuring your cargo is safely and properly transported.

Heavy-duty equipment washing is made simple by InterClean industrial wash systems. Our manual and robotic wash systems are high-pressure systems built to handle the dirtiest mining & oil applications and construction equipment, including:

Our industrial wash systems improve the efficiency of cleaning heavy equipment and greatly improve the safety of employees while helping protect and maintain your investment.
Industrial robotic wash system on standby
Man operating single brush wash system to clean bus
The InterClean single brush wash system is ideal for those looking to upgrade from manual fleet washing. Our Alpha 500 single brush system features a large single brush mounted on a diesel or battery-powered machine that can be easily driven around vehicles to speed up wash cycles and operated in any location, indoor or outdoor. The powerful cleaning force behind the brush paired with a straightforward, easy-to-use design and simple functionality allows you to quickly train several operators so your vehicles are always ready to hit the road.
With wash times of under 10 minutes, the single brush wash system is the most cost-effective way to reduce the labor costs of washing your fleet.
Vehicles and heavy-duty equipment that drive on rough or unfinished surfaces collect debris in the wheel wells and undercarriage which can cause surface erosion and put them at risk for rust and structural damage. Regular use of an InterClean Wheel, Tire, & Under Chassis Wash Systems will help prevent this by cleaning away the corrosive material, road buildup, and other debris from the underside of the vehicle. These undercarriage wash systems are the best track-out prevention solutions for the dirtiest applications, including:
Our Wheel, Tire, & Under Chassis Wash Systems are a fast and efficient solution for maintaining the value and reliability of your equipment while complying with road and environmental safety standards. InterClean wash systems for wheels, tires and chassis help ensure that what your vehicles get into on-the-job site, stays on the site.
Semi going through wheel tire chassis wash system

Mobile wash systems are becoming obsolete due to their negative environmental impact and safety issues. At InterClean, we offer several safe and effective alternatives to traditional mobile wash systems, including:

Save time and money while improving the safety of your employees with InterClean’s automatic wash system.

InterClean’s patented EQ100 water recycling modules effectively reduce water usage without compromising wash quality under the most demanding vehicle wash conditions such as recycling water used to wash garbage trucks. This effective yet inexpensive recycling system is able to employ the full force of huge volumes of pressurized wash water, which creates a cleaning impact that is simply not possible with other automatic vehicle washing systems. Our water recycling systems are cost-effective, powerful, and can be used with any InterClean wash system to reduce your operating costs and environmental impact.

Wash system water recycling system setup

The InterClean Advantage

Customized Wash Systems

We understand washing requirements vary greatly by vehicle type from fleet to fleet. That’s why all InterClean wash systems can be customized to meet the needs of our customers. Our custom wash systems allow us the flexibility to provide you with the most effective wash solutions and the best experience possible for wash operators.

Innovative Wash Technology

Cutting-edge equipment is the name of InterClean’s game. Our expert team of engineers is dedicated to designing innovative technological solutions that exceed customer expectations and revolutionize the vehicle washing industry.

Sustainable Wash Solutions

At InterClean, we are committed to providing sustainable wash concepts that help our customers improve the sustainability of their vehicle wash systems. We have a patent for our EQ100 water recycling module that effectively helps fleet owners reduce water use. Not only does our water recycling system help customers use less water and save money, but our EQ100 module also requires no added chemicals and uses less energy to provide reclaimed wash water compared to standard mobile wash systems.

Decades of Wash Expertise

Since 1984, InterClean has been delivering state-of-the-art vehicle wash equipment and solutions to our customers across the globe. Over the years, the expertise we’ve gained has allowed us to provide wash systems that deliver an exceptional wash experience for each of our customers, wash after wash. The reliability and ingenuity of our large vehicle wash systems set us apart from our competitors and have helped establish InterClean as a leader in the field of large, industrial, and heavy-duty vehicle cleaning applications.



A global leader in the field of large vehicle cleaning solutions

InterClean has delivered our diversified line of wash equipment to over 1000 sites across the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a vehicle wash system depends on a multitude of factors. From standard to custom systems, the prices range greatly. If you’re interested in an estimated cost for your desired system, reach out to us. We aim to design a system that best works within your budget.

Yes! InterClean has always been committed to providing sustainable wash systems. We offer water recycling modules that reduce your water usage without affecting the quality of the wash.

Absolutely. At InterClean, we don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” solutions. When you choose to purchase a custom InterClean wash system, you’ll work with experienced engineers who ensure you receive a state-of-the-art system that meets your needs.

Definitely! InterClean offers a full line of completely touchless wash systems using our high-pressure Centri® Spinners. The heavy-duty cleaning power of Centri®Spinner nozzles are configured to maintain effectiveness at increased distances to power away dirt, grime, salt, and other corrosives quickly and efficiently – offering a completely touchless wash.

We also offer hybrid wash systems designed to use a combination of friction and touchless cleaning, using touchless spinner washers for the front, top, rear, wheel, and chassis and foam brushes for the sides.