InterClean Heavy Duty, Commercial

Vehicle Wash Systems

InterClean designs, installs, and maintains heavy-duty commercial vehicle wash systems for light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles. Our fully automatic wash systems are completely customizable and ideal for commercial trucks, retail trucks, buses, trains, aircraft, military vehicles, commercial fleets, as well as mining and oil vehicles. The InterClean touchless and rollover commercial truck washing systems are ideal for oddly shaped vehicles, extreme dirt, mud and salt conditions, and locations where water recycling is enforced. Every vehicle wash system is custom designed to meet the environmental conditions, vehicle needs, water restrictions, space allotment and budgetary concerns. All systems are guaranteed and maintained locally. Call +1 (734) 961-3300 to Speak to an InterClean Commercial Wash System Specialist.

InterClean does not design or build wash systems that use deadly hydrofluoric acid in any part of the cleaning process.

InterClean Options for Light, Medium, and Heavy Vehicle Washing Systems Include:

  • Automatic drive through packages for wash times less than 5 minutes
  • Manual monitor and fire hose packages for standard applications and detail work
  • Semi-automatic joystick controlled monitors to improve safety and productivity
  • Fully-automatic robotic monitor packages that maximize safety, efficiency, and productivity
  • Chassis Wash
  • Tire Wash

Gantry / Rollover







Wheel / Tire & Chassis

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water Recycling