Commercial Wash System Parts & Service

Service & maintenance, detergent, and replacement parts for InterClean heavy-duty wash systems. 

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Our wash systems are guaranteed to perform as specified. However, should you need repair, maintenance, or parts and services, they are available through your local InterClean distributor.

In addition, InterClean’s InterPower detergents are available to order directly through InterClean or your local distributor.

Information on InterClean Wash System Parts and Service Options can be found below.

InterClean parts assembled in Ypsilanti Michigan

Maintenance & Support

Regular service and maintenance are important in order to keep your commercial wash systems working their best.

InterClean heavy-duty wash systems are manufactured in the U.S.A and installed and maintained by your local commercial wash system distributor.

Although InterClean equipment is already known for its superior durability, regular maintenance can further extend the lifespan of your wash systems. Whether you’re seeking equipment repair or preventative maintenance, our service technicians can help keep your equipment running as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Preventative Maintenance

InterClean offers several service complete routine and preventative maintenance programs to choose from, helping to keep your equipment washing effectively while minimizing operating costs.

Please contact us or one of our authorized dealers for InterClean chemical maintenance and preventative maintenance plan details.

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Detergent Application Nozzle Assemblies


Ordering replacement parts for InterClean commercial wash systems is easy. Simply reference the O&M Manual for the parts list for your system. Then, contact us for parts availability and pricing. If you need professional installation of your InterClean wash system replacement parts, we can also provide an installation quote from one of our factory-trained techs or authorized local distributors.

for InterClean commercial wash system replacement parts.


For a first-class experience and the best wash results, we recommend using only InterClean’s InterPower detergents. InterPower detergents will help keep your wash system operating properly and your vehicles as clean as possible. In addition to their powerful cleaning capabilities, InterPower detergents are also

We carry a wide variety of detergents to meet your unique vehicle washing needs. Contact us using the form below to request wash detergent refills in your area.

Dosatron pumps and wash chemical drums setup

The InterClean Advantage


Requesting InterClean service & maintenance, detergent refills, and replacement parts is simple and convenient. Simply fill out our online contact form and an InterClean representative will be in touch as soon as possible with technical information for your specific needs and application.

Industry-Leading Service

At InterClean, we are committed to building strong relationships and supporting our customers every step of the way. From the initial development of your custom wash system to the service of your old equipment, we are always there to ensure that you have the best vehicle washing experience possible.

Extensive Inventory

Each of our authorized local distributors has an extensive inventory of InterClean replacement parts at their facility. No matter your equipment size or system, we’ll ensure that your parts are delivered as efficiently as possible to reduce the downtime of vehicles in your fleet.


As a global leader in heavy-duty commercial vehicle wash systems, InterClean works with only the most qualified local distributors with the necessary expertise to keep your wash equipment in the best condition possible. Our local distributor service technicians know InterClean equipment inside-out, allowing them to provide the most efficient and effective service and maintenance for your wash systems.