A clean fleet is a sign of a business that cares. Keep your vehicles spotless with InterClean’s industry-leading large vehicle wash systems.

Clean Your Entire Fleet of Vehicles

InterClean fleet wash systems are the ideal choice for cleaning large commercial fleets with the following large vehicles:

Box Trucks

Refrigerator Trucks

Fuel Trucks

Semi-Trailer Trucks

A Better Way to Clean

Experience a Superior Cleaning Solution for Your Fleet

At InterClean, we’re passionate about helping fleet owners make a great impression with impressively clean fleets.

Our fleet wash systems are designed to improve your truck fleet wash processes:

Let’s work together to make your fleet shine like new.
Interclean fleet wash equipment.

Wash Systems

Powerful Wash Systems Designed for Diverse Fleets

Maintain the highest standards of cleanliness for your entire truck fleet. No matter the shapes and sizes of your vehicles, we have the truck wash systems you need to keep your entire fleet clean.

An orange truck going through a fleet wash system.

Looking for a solution to clean your fleet faster? An InterClean drive-through wash system is the ideal solution.

These automatic truck wash systems provide an efficient and effective cleaning to all vehicle surfaces, including hard-to-reach areas with the help of automatic touchless truck wash technology. With the ability to complete a wash cycle in under 3 minutes, these systems greatly reduce the amount of time spent washing large fleets.

Looking for a highly customizable solution to meet the unique needs of your fleet? Our gantry and rollover truck wash systems can be custom-designed as touchless truck wash systems, friction systems with brushes, or as a hybrid combination of both, depending on your needs. Simply park your vehicles in the wash bay and let this powerful truck wash system take care of the rest.
A truck being washed by an InterClean rollover fleet wash system.
A person using wash equipment to clean a semi-truck.

Are you looking for a cost-effective upgrade to manual fleet washing? Try the InterClean single-brush truck wash system.

InterClean’s Alpha500 single brush wash machine is the most affordable solution for improving your fleet wash processes without compromising on cleaning power. The system is available as a diesel or battery-powered machine and can be driven around your fleet vehicles to complete wash cycles in under 10 minutes.

Are you transporting food in your fleet vehicles? An InterClean interior trailer wash system can help you maintain safety and regulatory compliance.

This unique wash system passes through truck trailers removing dirt, food products, road salt, and contaminants, then sanitizes the containers for the next load. Trailers are clean and ready to go in two minutes or less.

Interior trailer wash equipment for fleet washing.
A collage of images showing different types of vehicles being washed by fleet washing equipment.

Interclean Success Stories

We define our success by delivering the highest standards of cleanliness to our customers across the globe.



InterClean commercial truck wash systems are industry-leading fleet washing equipment with numerous benefits:

Improved Vehicle Appearance

Maintain a great-looking fleet and convey a positive and professional image of your brand with InterClean’s purpose-built truck wash systems.

Sustainable Solutions

Our patented water recycling modules use recycled water to help you improve your sustainable business practices by reducing your environmental impact and water usage without compromising on wash quality.

Custom Wash Systems

Whether you want to reduce labor costs, minimize downtime, improve wash sustainability, or all of the above, we can design the perfect commercial truck wash system to help you achieve your fleet washing needs.

Innovative Technology

Our relentless innovation, unmatched reliability, and state-of-the-art technology can help you save money, reduce labor costs, and get your vehicles back on the road faster.

Why Choose InterClean

Why Choose InterClean for Your Fleet Wash System Needs?

When it comes to keeping your commercial fleet clean, it’s imperative to choose a company you can trust to design and build your fleet wash system.

The back of a truck being washed in a fleet washing system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet washing involves cleaning various fleet vehicles, such as a truck fleet with commercial trucks, box trucks or semi-trailer trucks. At InterClean, we have a variety of fleet washing systems to help you make your fleet washing process more efficient and effective.
InterClean’s commercial truck wash systems and truck wash equipment are specifically designed for use with mixed fleets, to prevent vehicle damage during the wash cycles.
If you are considering purchasing a fleet wash system, we will prepare a custom report to calculate the detergent consumption per wash based on the type of vehicles in your fleet.

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