Truck Wash Soap
& Detergents

Heavy-duty detergents designed for heavy-duty equipment.

InterPower Detergents

All InterPower detergents are specifically designed for regular use in InterClean Equipment, and other heavy-duty wash equipment, to ensure long and healthy equipment life

InterPower detergents are formulated and proven to provide the most powerful solutions for removing

from trucks, trailers, buses, trains, and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Our detergents are environmentally friendly, reclaim safe, and have excellent biodegradability. None of our detergents contain toxic truck wash chemicals like hydrofluoric acid, ABF, or harmful carcinogens and most do not contain harmful preservatives, quaternary compounds, or phosphates. InterPower detergents are available for sale directly through our corporate headquarters or through one of our local distributors.

Truck & Bus

Low pH truck and bus detergent with a versatile formula that safely and effectively cleans aluminum surfaces and removes road grime. Acts as a brightener for effective glass, windshield, chrome, and aluminum brightening without leaving a scratch. Contains a pleasing lemon scent and is compatible with our water recycling systems. Use as the first step in two-step cleaning applications with a high pH InterPower detergent.

High pH powdered truck and bus detergent used in systems that have mixing tanks. Use as a single-step detergent or as the second step in a two-step cleaning application.

Premium, high pH all-purpose detergent for heavy-duty trucks and buses. Degreaser penetrates and loosens road film, bug residues, soot, diesel fuel, grease, and oil. Rinses easily, leaving a film-free, shiny surface. Contains no phosphates or acids and is compatible with water recycling systems. Extremely effective when used as a single-step application detergent. For the most premier wash, use it as a second step detergent with InterPower Fleet Wash as the first step.

Train & Rail

Low pH train wash detergent that removes dirt, oil, and rust from trains, rails, and other rolling stock. Helps dissolve brake/iron dust particles and removes iron stains from paintwork. Use as the first step in the two-step cleaning process with InterPower Rail Finish or Thunder X-Treme.

High pH train wash detergent that clings to the surface and reduces tension leading to maximum cleaning and corrosion prevention after rinse/flush. It is optimized for quick penetration of iron oxide dust and film. Use as the second step with InterPower Rail Brite as the first step.


Neutral pH detergent improves brush washing effectiveness, protects painted surfaces, and enhances brush life. Provides excellent cleaning in cold or warm water. Contains no phosphates and is compatible with water recycling systems. For use in friction cleaning wash systems.

High pH versatile truck, bus, and train detergent that is effective in a wide range of extreme temperature and pressure variations. Use as a single-step detergent or as a blend with the Thunder X-treme as the second step and a low pH InterPower detergent as the first step.

Fast-acting neutralizer that eliminates excessive foaming from water reclaim systems. Used on surfactant-generated foams that can cause cleaning or treatment problems.

High pH odor eliminator that reduces or eliminates foul odors from reclaim systems or water pits.

High pH specialty formula to penetrate, loosen, and scrub bug remains. Detergent clings to the vehicle surface allowing maximum contact time leading to easy removal via touchless or friction washing methods. Has excellent biodegradability and is compatible with water recycling systems.

High pH wheel and tire cleaner that cuts through the most stringent brake dust and mud and leaves wheels and undercarriage parts with a lasting shine. Excellent for use with InterClean’s Wheel Wash system.

Neutral pH specialty formula that protects vehicles and creates rapid water beading, leaving vehicles with a high gloss shine. Can be used with all wash systems under all wash conditions and water qualities.

Why Use Interpower

Wash Equipment Expertise

Using the wrong detergents can be damaging to your vehicles and equipment. As wash equipment experts, we ensure you get the right detergent for your wash equipment, at the proper dilution amount for the gallons of water your wash system needs.

Low Volume Effectiveness

InterPower wash detergents are formulated without the use of harmful chemicals. The vast majority of our soaps also have excellent biodegradability making these detergents an environmentally-friendly choice for your vehicle wash systems.

Continuous Improvement

Although our detergents are already the best truck wash soaps in the industry, we continue to test, improve, and develop detergents for a variety of applications. This ensures that our detergents continue to offer cutting-edge cleaning capabilities for our customers.

Environmentally Friendly

Use less detergent and save more money with InterPower detergents. With lower usage rates, our customers require less detergent to get the same great cleaning results.