State-of-the-Art Army Vehicle Wash Technology

InterClean Equipment designs and manufactures the toughest wash applications specifically for dislodging and removing large amounts of caked-on mud, sand, and ice from heavy military equipment.

Clean Your Most Challenging Military Vehicles & Equipment

InterClean wash systems offer the versatility you need to clean different vehicle types. InterClean
military wash systems are the ideal fit for the following military vehicles:


Heavy-duty trucks

Light utility vehicles

Prime movers


Personnel carriers

A Better Way to Clean

Experience Advanced Cleaning Technology for Military Equipment

Military equipment operates in some of the toughest conditions that we see and can collect all types of soil and debris. This negatively impacts the vehicle’s performance, accelerates corrosion, and makes mechanical servicing and repairs more challenging.
Large military tank being washed with drive-through system

Wash Systems

Vehicle Wash Systems Purpose-Built for Army Applications

Choose from our expertly designed military wash systems that provide vigorous cleaning power for military vehicles operating in the most extreme conditions.

Smaller military tank going through touchless wash system

Drive-Through Wash Systems

Military vehicles like tanks, humvees, and personnel carriers have irregular shapes that are impossible to clean with a standard vehicle wash system.

The vehicle wash capabilities of our drive-through systems provide effective cleaning results to odd-shaped vehicles. Our systems can clean even the dirtiest tank or military vehicle while ensuring recesses, gears, tools, weapons, and other odd-shaped system components are not damaged.

Wheel Wash System

Mud and dirt buildup can make it difficult to service military vehicles and cause reduced performance and wear on the braking and driveline systems.

Protect your vehicle and equipment investment with an InterClean wheel, tire & chassis wash system. This tank track cleaning solution helps combat corrosion and enable maintenance and service due to their heavy de-mucking capability. InterClean wheel wash systems also operate with 100% recycled water.

Military tank tracks being washed
Four images of fleet wash systems

Interclean Success Stories

We define our success by delivering the highest standards of cleanliness to our customers across the globe.


Benefits of InterClean Military Wash Systems

The InterClean military wash systems are advanced wash equipment with numerous benefits:

Simple Operation

Operating InterClean military wash systems requires minimal manpower.

Robust Construction

InterClean wash systems are built to withstand even the toughest washing conditions.

Effective Cleaning Results

Our wash equipment uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver a powerful clean for military vehicles and equipment of all shapes and sizes.

Recycled Water Capabilities

Our military vehicle wash systems reclaim and recycle dirty water through our patented EQ 100 water recycling module. This module takes dirty water and filters out dangerous chemicals and contaminants from the wastewater.

Made in the USA

All InterClean military wash systems are manufactured in the USA and meet the highest standards of cleanliness.

Why Choose InterClean

Why Choose InterClean for Your Military Vehicle Washing Needs?

At InterClean, we understand the unique requirements of the military industry.

That’s why our company focuses on three key elements when designing our military wash systems:

When you choose InterClean for your military wash system, you can rest assured that your equipment will be easy to operate, tough enough to handle your challenging wash conditions, and capable of delivering superior wash results, even with the dirtiest, odd-shaped vehicles.

Military truck going through wheel and chassis wash system



As a global leader in the field of large automotive vehicle cleaning solutions,

InterClean has delivered our diverse line of wash equipment to over 1000 sites across the world.

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Join Our Military Customers Across The Globe

InterClean regularly works with the US Military on projects all around the world. In addition, we have also worked with Canada Defense and militaries throughout Europe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is worth investing in military wash systems if you want your military vehicles to achieve the best cleaning results. Our systems provide vehicle wash capabilities specifically designed for military vehicles that perform in extremely harsh climates. Typically, general vehicle cleaning systems struggle to clean military vehicles effectively.

At InterClean, we have trained distributors who are specialists in installing, maintaining and repairing our military wash systems. They can visit your site and provide proper maintenance and support wherever and whenever.

There is no specific schedule to follow when washing military vehicles. The ideal frequency of washing depends on various factors, including operating conditions and applications. If you’re unsure when to wash your military vehicles, feel free to contact us for support.