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Fast, innovative, and automatic truck wash systems enable you to maintain a professional image with the highest standard of cleanliness for your entire fleet.



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InterClean truck wash systems are fully automated, custom cleaning solutions for commercial or municipal vehicles. Our in-house design team works with you to create the best industrial truck wash system to maximize efficiency while meeting the needs of your space, budget, and vehicles’ shapes and sizes. Our truck wash systems include a drive-through automated truck wash system, a roll-over wash system, a wheel and tire wash system, a chassis wash system, or a combination of multiple systems.

A white truck going through a truck wash system.

The efficient, heavy-duty cleaning power of our drive-through truck wash system is perfect for large fleets with demanding wash cycles and high expectations regarding wash quality. InterClean drive-through washing systems use a combination of wash detergents, high-volume, low-pressure washing jets, and high-pressure washing jets in the wash bay to effectively wash trucks of all shapes and sizes.


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Our drive-through truck wash systems are a safe and straightforward approach to effectively clean your fleet’s vehicles while minimizing the use of water and chemicals.

A highly customizable and efficient InterClean fleet washing system is ideal for cleaning standard vehicle designs and more complex shapes, such as garbage trucks or school buses. The InterClean Ultra Gantry System roll-over machine offers customization options such as friction brushes, touchless spinners, high-pressure flat spray nozzles, or a combination. Tailor your vehicle wash system with various features, including:

Simply park your vehicle in the wash bay and let the wash system do the work!

The front of a grey truck going through a commercial truck wash system.
A truck being sprayed with water in a truck wash system.

This high-pressure, eco-friendly truck wash system removes dirt, grime, construction debris, and road salt from trucks operating at job sites where with there are pollutants. InterClean is a leader in designing and engineering effective solutions for cleaning and decontaminating the tires and undercarriages of trucks and other heavy-duty equipment leaving job sites such as:

We have the ideal wheel, tire, and under-chassis washing solutions for everything from dust and trackout control to heavy mud removal.

A mobile truck fleet wash system that offers an effective, low-cost upgrade to manual washing. The Alpha 500 single-brush wash machine includes a large single brush mounted on a machine that can be driven around commercial trucks to speed up wash times and your wash process. Features of this state-of-the-art truck wash system include:

This efficient truck wash solution effectively minimizes the costs of manual labor with wash cycles under 10 minutes!

A person washing a commercial truck with a truck wash system.

Featured Case Study

The back of a Sysco truck being washed by a commercial truck wash system.


Increase in operational efficiency

With a new wash system, Sysco saw major reductions in transport trailer downtime and labor costs associated with cleaning. Sysco’s new fleet wash met the company’s high standards for trailer cleanliness and allowed for a quick and steady flow of clean trailers to get back on the road and serve the next customer!

The InterClean Advantage

All InterClean Equipment Inc. truck wash systems are built with our customers’ needs in mind.

Customized Solutions

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all truck washing solutions. When you choose InterClean to design a custom truck wash system, you benefit from state-of-the-art technology and a team of experienced engineers. The result is an efficient wash system design whether you’re looking for an automatic truck wash, a touchless truck wash, or any other unique vehicle washing specifications.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Since 1984, InterClean has been committed to sustainable design concepts. Our large vehicle wash systems feature high-volume water recycling to support environmental sustainability. In addition, every InterClean truck wash system features stainless steel chemical and rinse arches equipped with specialized check valves and high-efficiency motors. These arches will protect vehicles, reduce the risk of heavy metal discharge, minimize water and chemical use, and reduce the truck wash system’s environmental impact.

Minimal Upkeep

There’s no “downtime” with an Interclean truck wash system. Our high-tech, heavy-duty wash systems are designed for continuous use and require little service. Our low-maintenance truck wash solutions ensure your fleet of clean vehicles can return to the road as efficiently as possible.

Simple Operation

InterClean heavy-duty vehicle wash systems do not require an attendant. Our truck cleaning systems are fully automated and easy to operate, so you can start using your new truck washing system as soon as possible after the initial start-up is completed.

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  • Vehicles per Hour: 15-30
  • Typical Vehicle Height & Width: 13ft 6in x 10ft 4in
  • Recommended Minimum Space Required: 20ft x 60ft
    **Customizations are available for non-standard systems
  • Blowers
  • RO Final Rinse
  • 2-Step Cleaning Chemistry
  • Wash Authorization

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal truck wash solution depends on your truck and specific cleaning requirements. InterClean produces a range of large vehicle wash systems, such as drive-through, rollover/gantry, and manual wash options.


InterClean’s truck wash systems are custom-designed to your specific needs, with advanced friction or touchless commercial truck wash equipment for the highest-quality cleaning results.

The specific detergents and chemicals used vary by wash site. InterClean’s truck wash business offers powerful yet environmentally friendly detergents. We will work with you to get the right dilution ratio, optimize the wash process, and get the most washes for your money. Visit our detergents page to learn more about our soap and wash detergents.

InterClean’s truck wash systems can be designed with our patented EQ100 water recycling module which provides large volumes of recycled water to reduce water usage and ensure your wash system is environmentally friendly.