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How The Right Partnership Made All The Difference for a Retail Truck Wash In Metro-Detroit


Roseville Truck Wash is a state-of-the-art truck wash in metro Detroit, featuring both automatic and manual wash bays. It is a specialized facility dedicated to providing comprehensive cleaning services for commercial trucks, trailers, and other large vehicles.

Owner Kasim began his business in Roseville, Michigan with a single semi rig doing transport jobs. Over time, he expanded to own a private transport and delivery fleet consisting of over 1,000 trucks and trailers, a supply hub, and a truck stop (UTC).

The Challenge

Initially, Kasim outsourced the cleaning of his extensive fleet. Recognizing the potential, he decided to install a wash system at the UTC truck stop. To further expand the business, he planned to offer retail truck wash services to others when not in use by his fleet, creating a new branch of the business in a fiercely competitive industry

The challenge he initially faced was determining the best wash system to invest in, but later realized knowing what was required, and how to run a profitable retail truck wash business would be the bigger challenges.

Key Metrics


of outsourcing the washing required for 1,000+ trucks in their fleet each month


when rigs were unavailable due to wash schedule

Hybrid Ultra Gantry

Automatic Wash System by InterClean


and Industry Knowledge


A long-term partnership with InterClean

The Solution

InterClean provided a combination of two Wash Titan and two WashMan units where the customer can operate two wash guns simultaneously without loss of pressure. This wash system set-up allows the customer to alternate between high-volume cleaning to effectively remove large amounts of accumulated dirt and debris and high-pressure precision cleaning under the vehicles and in hard-to-reach locations. Combined with the water recycling system, this custom manual wash system helped the customer overcome the multitude of site-specific challenges when it came to washing their heavy equipment and vehicles.

1. The Right Truck Wash System

Roseville opted for a hybrid Ultra Gantry wash system equipped with vertical brushes for cleaning, high-pressure V-spray, a spot-free rinse, and customizable wash cycles. Additionally, an under-chassis spray bar was included to ensure comprehensive cleaning. Manual power wash guns were added in a second lane for additional cleaning. For more information on this wash system, visit

2. Industry Knowledge and Training

After the installation, InterClean maintained the partnership by assisting in chemical titration, training wash system operators on best practices, and improving wash operations from entry to exit. RTW welcomed a new general manager, Kemal, who embraced this hands-on approach and and found value in working with InterClean to understand system operations, enhance customer service, and more. Presently, InterClean continues to support RTW with preventative maintenance and detergent optimization, while Kemal effectively applies his learnings to manage the successful wash site and ensure customer satisfaction on a daily basis.

3. Preventative Maintenance and Ongoing Support

Retail Truck Washes face a loss of customers and revenue when their wash system malfunctions. Our aim is to assist you in reducing system downtime or preventing it all together. InterClean remains involved with the Roseville operators and assist Roseville whenever they require our services, just like we are for all our customers. With our network of partners and distributors around the globe, we strive to provide a level of service that customers can rely on.

Through the partnership with RTW, InterClean was able to provide solutions, guidance, and support in a number of areas.

Truck Wash 101

We provided comprehensive training on the entire truck wash cleaning process, from entry to exit. This holistic approach ensured that the operators were well-versed in how to choose the correct operating procedures depending on vehicle type and wash options selected.

detergent optimization

Selecting the appropriate detergent can greatly impact wash effectiveness and help reduce operating costs.

  • Our team performed tests with their system and various detergent options.
  • We shared our recommendations with detailed explanations.
  • Perform regular checks to maintain the correct dilution ratios.

Doing this ensures a thorough clean and saves money by eliminating excess detergent use.

hybrid Ultra Gantry

The Hybrid Ultra Gantry features a dual cleaning mode system that uses two side brushes to efficiently clean the front and sides of the cab, along with the sides and rear of the trailer. It also includes a high-pressure v-spray rinse arch for the front of the cab, top, and rear of the trailer. With adjustable detergent spray bars on each side, the system provides multiple wash options for different soil levels, a spot-free rinse, and an under-chassis wash option.

Soap Application & Cleaning Techniques

Our experts guided the operators through the proper soap application and cleaning techniques, ensuring consistent and high-quality results. This hands-on training equipped the operators with the skills and knowledge needed to provide a quality wash to every truck that came through, in the most efficient way possible.

Continued Support and Maintenance

Ensuring the optimal performance of RTW’s wash system remains a priority for InterClean. We provide regular preventative maintenance on the wash system, ensuring it continues operates at peak efficiency.

Our ongoing support has helped the truck wash owner avoid costs associated with major repairs, and lost revenue from lengthy downtime, and  remain profitable and competitive in the market.

The Results

Since partnering with InterClean and starting up their first automated truck wash system, RTW has experienced remarkable growth. The owner’s business has evolved from a private fleet and truck stop to include a retail truck wash offering an automatic wash system with a capacity to clean not only their private fleet, but well over 40 tractor trailer units daily.


To meet demand, a second wash bay for larger vehicles is being constructed. A customized 2nd Hybrid Ultra Gantry model was commissioned from InterClean, with extra width for RVs and widebody vehicles.

From initial training and support to ongoing preventative maintenance and optimization, our tailored approach, quality products, and dependability continue to play a pivotal role in the ongoing success RTW has seen in the retail truck wash industry.

Learn more about InterClean’s Gantry Systems and Retail Truck Wash solutions.

The smallest details can often make the biggest difference.

The Numbers


Private fleet trucks and trailers washed per month


Paying customer rigs washed per day

2nd System

To meet the demand generated from successfully executing their first retail truck wash operation.

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