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Highly customizable and effective wash system configured to meet the unique needs of your fleet.

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Ultra Gantry Wash Systems

From standard vehicle configurations to challenging vehicle shapes, InterClean gantry and rollover systems are ready to take on the unique washing requirements of your fleet.

This commercial vehicle and truck wash system is highly customizable to effectively clean many different vehicle types including transit buses, trains, school buses, commercial truck fleets, and garbage trucks.

Customize your Ultra Gantry Wash System with a variety of extras including:

Drive-through systems use a combination of wash detergents, high-volume, low-pressure jets, and high-pressure washers. Our automatic truck washing systems can be touchless, equipped with brushes, or both to meet the unique washing needs of your fleet.

PWX Touchless Spinner

High-pressure water (touchless) wash method for heavy dirt and mud removal. Great for surface cleaning of any shaped vehicle or equipment. Ideal for municipal public works garages and other mixed fleets.

Fleet & Bus 3-Brush Roll-Over Hybrid

High-pressure water and top and side brush (hybrid) wash method for complete cleaning of standard trucks and buses. Uses Total Brush Control (TBC) to scrub every surface while protecting sensitive areas from damage. Ideal for fleets with standard vehicle shapes, such as transit buses or tractor-trailers.

Retail & Flex 2- Brush Hybrid

High-pressure water and vertical brush combination (hybrid) with choice of brush, touchless, or hybrid wash options. Uses TBC to provide a thorough clean while protecting sensitive areas, such as mirrors, from damage. Ideal for “for-profit” truck washes and other mixed fleets with demanding cleaning standards.

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How InterClean helped a transportation company save $50,000 per year.

Why Use Our Ultra Gantry
Wash Systems

The InterClean Ultra Gantry machines are state-of-the-art wash equipment with numerous benefits:


The use of quality components combined with our large in-house engineering team ensure the Ultra Gantry’s high machine reliability. Simply park your vehicle in the wash bay and achieve the same consistent results, wash after wash.

Innovative & Data-Driven

Each system includes an analytics feature that tracks valuable wash information such as number of washes, average time of wash, water usage, and device run time. The analytics, along with remote access to the data, help customers save costs and improve effectiveness.


The Ultra Gantry Washing System can be configured for a variety of wash applications and needs. The machine is built with a modular design allowing for a wide variety of touchless pressure washing , friction brushes, or combination models. Like the machine itself, the control software is modularized to allow for custom development of wash recipes. This customization allows our customers to effectively clean vehicles exactly the way they need to.

Sustainable Wash Solution

The Ultra Gantry Wash System has been designed with a focus on sustainability, allowing for minimal power usage, less water usage and decreased operating costs. The InterClean water recycling system results in the reuse of up to 100% of all water consumed by the Ultra. If desired or required by code, pH neutralization and disinfectant can also be added.



A global leader in the field of large vehicle cleaning solutions

InterClean has delivered our diversified line of wash equipment to over 1000 sites across the world.

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