About InterClean

From wash to rinse, InterClean is committed to developing new and innovative wash solutions for the heavy-duty vehicle wash market and transportation industry.

Who is InterClean?

Established in 1984, InterClean Equipment, LLC is an engineering, innovation, and technology pioneer in the field of large vehicle cleaning and water recycling applications. InterClean’s strategy and commitment have always been to provide our customers with innovative wash system technology and new product capabilities to revolutionize their vehicle wash processes.

Passion for Products

InterClean is the leader in modern wash system product design with over 1000+ systems installed in over 40 years of business.

We proudly build each wash system for your specific application needs and our substantial R&D allows us to offer the best technology possible.

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Tour bus being washed by brush system

Dedication to Support

We believe in supporting your vehicle wash system throughout the lifespan of the system. To do this, we invest heavily in the training and development of our technicians and distributor network.

This investment provides our customers with a local, highly-proficient support network that delivers industry-leading uptime of wash equipment.

Commitment to Technical Capabilities

At InterClean, our vertically integrated approach allows us to provide our customers with the absolute best design, build, and commissioning services.

Our technical sales team works closely with our in-house mechanical, electrical and controls engineers to provide a truly consultative design approach. We complete the design, fabrication, build, and testing of our wash systems and then dispatch technicians to complete installation and start-up.

Dump truck wheels and chassis being washed

InterClean Vehicle Wash Systems

Large white truck being washed by InterClean wash system

We build vehicle wash systems for a wide variety of vehicles ranging from

The InterClean product lineup includes a range of modern wash products from drive-through wash systems for commercial fleets and automatic wash systems for the interior of transportation trailers to industrial cleaning systems for heavy-duty vehicle cleaning applications.

Innovative Technology

Our innovative wash technology helps our customers maintain compliance with regulations and current government rules. Our systems also eliminate operator inconvenience, increase the efficiency of wash cycles, and improve our customers’ bottom line.

Purpose-Built Systems

We have strategically designed our diversified line of wash equipment to deliver advanced cleaning power while meeting our customers’ site-specific needs and unique applications. Additionally, we have the technology, knowledge, and experience to handle both the toughest washing applications in the most demanding environments for oil & mining companies and standard washing applications for transportation companies.

Sustainable Solutions

At InterClean, we are committed to ensuring that our wash system solutions are environmentally sustainable. We offer both a patented water recycling module and develop systems that use less energy and require no added chemicals while providing the same great cleaning power that our customers have come to expect. We are proud to help customers across the globe improve the sustainability of their vehicle wash processes.

InterClean Distributors

A local source for repair, maintenance, parts, and detergent

InterClean heavy duty wash systems are manufactured in the USA and installed and maintained by our broad international network of representatives allowing us to serve customers in every corner of the globe.