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Take advantage of the best touchless cleaning power for heavy-duty equipment and large, irregularly shaped vehicles.


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Touchless Vehicle Wash System

Approved for both fresh and recycled water applications, InterClean’s touchless spinner wash system delivers highly effective scratch-free cleaning results for the hard-to-reach areas of all kinds of vehicles, especially those with irregular shapes.

Drive Through Touchless Spinner Wash System - Public Works

Using advanced wash technology, high-pressure water jets remove mud, salt, caked-on dirt, sand, and other coarse particles beyond the reach of brushes.


These touch-free systems help reduce corrosion and improve accessibility. Using a drive-through touchless wash method will not only reduce your labor and operating costs but also decrease equipment downtime and prolong the lifespan of your vehicles.

Advanced Centri® Spinner Technology

InterClean’s Touchless Spinner Wash System uses InterClean’s patented Centri® Spinner technology. This technology features strategically placed high-pressure flat and spinning nozzles that clean dirt and residue from vehicles effectively. High-pressure Centri® Spinners are mounted to heavy-duty spray arches constructed of galvanized steel to provide completely touchless washes.

InterClean Centri Spinner, a Zero degree spray nozzle for touchless cleaning
InterClean Centri Spinner zero degree spray nozzle performing touchless cleaning

Touchless cleaning with zero-degree spray nozzles uses rotation to achieve maximum cleaning with minimum water usage.

Drive Through Touchless Spinner Wash System - School Bus

Standard System Modules

Standard system modules include the following features for maximum cleaning results:

Automatic touchless drive-through spinner wash system diagram

Touchless Spinner Wash

Schematic of a School Bus drive through touchless spinner wash system

Wash Applications

InterClean touchless heavy-duty wash system modules can be configured for a “drive-through” or “drive-in/back-out” wash bay.

Truck Wash
High pH (alkaline) detergent is applied to the entire truck via the detergent arch. Spinner and rear arches then provide advanced cleaning action to the front, sides, and back of the vehicle using fresh or reclaimed water. The final rinse arch completes the wash by removing any residual dirt and/or chemicals. In addition to transport trucks, this wash is also ideal for public works, transit, waste management fleets.
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Bus Wash
High pH (alkaline) detergent is applied to the entire bus via the detergent arch. The high-pressure two-spinner chassis wash then removes road contaminants from the underside of the vehicle. Spinner and rear arches provide powerful cleaning action for the front, sides and rear of the vehicle using fresh or reclaimed water. The final rinse arch then removes residual recycled water when using a reclaimed system.
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Salt Truck Wash
Low pH (acidic) and high pH applicators are applied to the vehicle via the 2-step detergent arch. The wheel cleaner and chassis wash cleans corrosive material and buildup from the vehicle's underside. High-pressure rear-cab and front-bed modules provide cleaning cycling while the inside bed wash floods the inside of the bed to flush salt out. The spinner arch covers all other areas of the truck and side wash manifolds direct sprays to clean the rear salt spreader. The under-bed arch washes the underside of the raised bed of the vehicle.
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Why Use InterClean’s Touchless Vehicle Wash System

InterClean’s state-of-the-art touchless wash system offers numerous benefits.

Reduces Corrosion

Harsh weather conditions and heavy dirt, salt and road build-up on vehicles can lead to rust and structural damage, especially in those hard-to-clean areas. Centri® Spinner nozzles and high-pressure water jets are engineered to reach those hidden areas of vehicles to reduce the risk of corrosion.

Minimizes Damage

Unlike rotating brushes, Centri® Spinner nozzles and brushes are configured to operate at increased distances. This ensures they don’t scratch paint surfaces or damage mirrors, safety signs, bike racks or rear light covers while cleaning all the surfaces of irregularly shaped vehicles.

Extends Vehicle Lifespan

InterClean’s drive-through spinner wash system ensures the hidden areas of every irregular-shaped vehicle that are often overlooked and prone to corrosion are cleaned effectively. This can extend the lifespan of your equipment by preventing surface rust, errosion, and premature mechanical failure.

Improves Access to Maintenance Areas

When there is excess heavy dirt and debris on your vehicles, it can be hard to reach the maintenance areas. It’s essential to remove this build-up before servicing your vehicles. InterClean’s chassis wash effectively removes build-up from the underside of vehicles, so you can easily access the maintenance areas of your vehicles.



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Frequently Asked Questions

The touchless spinner wash machines are designed to effectively clean a wide range of heavy-duty equipment and large, irregularly shaped vehicles, including trucks, buses, mining and other heavy-duty support equipment.

A soft-touch large vehicle wash system uses gentle brushes or cloths to physically remove dirt and grime. In contrast, a touchless wash relies on a combination of high-pressure water jets and specialized detergents to clean vehicles without physical contact, reducing the risk of damage and making it ideal for delicate finishes. 

Yes. Because vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, InterClean’s touchless wash systems are custom designed, configured to meet the specific washing requirements of your vehicles and facility.

InterClean’s drive-through spinner wash system can be designed with our patented EQ100 water reclamation module, capable of recycling up to 90% of the wash water, making them an environmentally friendly option.

InterClean’s drive-through spinner vehicle wash systems use biodegradable high pH (alkaline) detergent especially formulated for InterClean equipment. If desired, our large vehicle wash systems also support using outside vendor-supplied chemical products.

The cost of our touchless wash systems varies depending on your unique needs. Please contact us for more information.