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High pressure, custom train wash systems provide safe, efficient, and effective train washes with little maintenance for a variety of climates.


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Train Wash Systems

Train washing requires expertise in the latest proven washing methods that optimize water recycling, water quality monitoring, touchless and friction cleaning. InterClean train wash systems are expertly designed, custom washes for light rail, heavy rail, locomotives, trams, and commuter trains. Our global experience has made us a leader in customized train wash systems for catenary, third rail, diesel, or hybrid electric trains. Our team of mechanical, electrical and controls engineers provide customized solutions for every project.

Drive-Through Wash System

To date, our Centri-Spinner is the most effective piece of equipment ever designed for diesel locomotive washing. A custom drive-through wash system with Centri-Spinner nozzles removes dirt and fuel residue, from the hardest to reach places, with clean water and detergent. This effective train wash equipment uses a combination of:

This system not only reduces labor and life-cycle costs, but it also delivers consistent cleaning results and reduces corrosion.

Rollover/ Gantry Wash System

InterClean’s Ultra Gantry wash system is a highly customizable and effective solution that can be configured for a variety of wash applications and needs, including train wash. Both the machine and the control software are modularized to allow our customers to customize their wash. This wash system features vertical and top brush configurations for powerful washing of the sides, front, rear, and top of train cars. Optional extras for the Ultra Gantry include:

Once you park your train in the wash bay, the Ultra Gantry machine takes care of the rest.

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How Interclean helped Sysco keep their brand squeaky clean.

The InterClean Advantage

All InterClean Equipment Inc. truck wash systems are built with our customers’ needs in mind.


InterClean train and rail wash systems are designed and manufactured by experienced engineers right here in the U.S.A. When you order a custom train wash system, we design and manufacture the system at our headquarters and use local distributors to install and maintain them. For you, that means a trusted, local InterClean specialist you can rely on for parts, service, and repair.

Sustainable Water Recycling

Every InterClean train wash system can be designed with a water recycling system to reduce water usage. Our EQ100 high-pressure water recycling modules effectively capture and recycle wash water without compromising on a powerful clean. These water recycling modules are designed to provide high volumes of recycled wash water and operate under the most demanding vehicle wash conditions.

Custom Wash Systems

At InterClean, we know that every train wash project requires some customization to make it successful. We combine state-of-the-art technology with a team of experienced engineers to expertly design the most efficient and effective train wash solution to achieve your desired wash results.

Site-Specific Solutions

Every transit rail wash system we design is site-specific with special chemical formulations designed to achieve a successful clean every time. InterClean locomotive wash systems have been successfully used in various applications and climates, from the iron mines of Australia to the Canadian Arctic.



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InterClean has delivered our diversified line of wash equipment to over 1000 sites across the world.

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