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InterClean is a pioneer in touchless washing technology with decades of experience building equipment to effectively wash municipal fleets, regardless of their shape or size.

Innovative Cleaning Solutions for Your Entire Fleet of Municipal Vehicles

InterClean wash systems offer the versatility you need to clean different heavy equipment and vehicle types. Our municipal wash systems are the ideal fit for the following vehicles:

A Better Way to Clean

A Better Vehicle Wash Solution
for Municipalities

It’s essential to wash municipal vehicles on a regular basis in order to combat the costly effects of corrosion. However, municipal vehicles often come in irregular vehicle shapes which makes it challenging to wash them effectively with standard truck wash systems.

Truck being washed my municipal wash system.

At InterClean, we have the touchless technology your wash facility needs to efficiently and effectively clean its uniquely shaped vehicles.

As municipal vehicle cleaning experts, we can help you:

We’ve Worked With Municipalities Across the Globe

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It's added a lot of efficiency. Our highway maintainers can get back out on the roads quicker.

Wash Systems

Wash Systems Purpose-Built for
Municipal Vehicles

The InterClean CentriSpinner is the premium product on the market today for municipal applications. Using zero-degree rotating spray nozzles, this vehicle wash system is capable of effectively cleaning easy and hard-to-reach surfaces at various distances from the nozzle tips, making it the ideal solution for odd-shaped vehicles. Choose between a touchless, brush, or hybrid wash configuration to meet the demands of your unique fleet.

When it comes to cleaning unconventionally shaped fleet vehicles like garbage trucks or salt trucks, a touchless wash system is essential.

InterClean’s touchless drive-through systems are:

For cleaning odd-shaped vehicles or vehicles with hard-to-clean areas that are beyond the reach of a brush. Our system provides fast and effective cleaning cycles to keep your fleet on the road.

Bus being cleaned by municipal vehicle wash.

Drive-Through Hybrid Wash Systems

For more regularly-shaped vehicles like city buses, a hybrid wash system is an ideal solution.

InterClean’s drive-through bus wash system for city bus fleets can be configured to include stationary or wrapping brushes in the wash process. Brushes make quick work of dirty buses. Combined with touchless cleaning, these systems deliver great cleaning results to all surfaces of the vehicle.

Wheel Wash Systems

For vehicles entering and exiting dirty sites such as garbage trucks, a wheel wash system can help prevent the spread of contaminants, dirt and mud onto public roads.

InterClean underchassis and wheel wash systems are:

Providing a simple solution for cleaning the tires and underbodies of your vehicles.
Municipal vehicle being washed
Four images of municipal vehicle wash systems

Interclean Success Stories

We define our success by delivering the highest standards of cleanliness to our customers across the globe.


Benefits of InterClean Municipal Wash Systems

The InterClean drive-through machines are state-of-the-art wash equipment with numerous benefits:

Reduce Corrosion

Salt trucks are high-value pieces of equipment that operate in harsh environments. Removing corrosive materials as often as possible helps protect the equipment from corrosion and keeps them operating longer.

Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

Reduce your impact on the environment. Our patented water recycling modules help you limit your wash water usage by using recycled water in your wash systems.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Each InterClean wash system is comprised of premium components and materials, and fabricated in the USA, which result in the systems needing very little maintenance and upkeep.

Customized Systems

Our extensive experience designing wash systems for public works and municipal vehicles allows us to optimize your solution based on your objectives.

Why Choose InterClean

Why Choose InterClean for Your Municipal Vehicle Washing Needs?

At InterClean, we provide more than just state-of-the-art wash systems.

We’re committed to being your long-term partner and supporting you throughout the entire lifespan of your equipment.

We have a wide network of distributors located across the globe ready to help you with your installation and ongoing service and maintenance needs. When you choose InterClean, you can trust that you’re in good hands. Our vehicle wash systems are also built to last and provide many years of effective service for our clients.

Truck going through automatic wash system.



As a global leader in the field of large automotive vehicle cleaning solutions,

InterClean has delivered our diverse line of wash equipment to over 1000 sites across the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

InterClean’s municipal vehicle wash system is built to clean large vehicles and trucks with irregular shapes including garbage trucks, buses, electrical trucks, vans, box trucks, haul trucks, and pickup trucks.
InterClean’s municipal wash systems are designed with environmental protection in mind. With our patented water recycling modules, you can recycle up to 90% of your wash water and limit water usage.
Municipal vehicles are prone to dirt, debris, and grease buildup which can lead to corrosion. It’s essential to wash the underside of municipal vehicles regularly to keep them protected from corrosive materials and prolong the lifespan of the vehicle.