Mobile Wash Systems

InterClean offers powerful alternatives to traditional mobile wash systems that are more efficient, provide a better all-over clean, and are no longer suitable for vehicle washing applications.

Why Mobile Wash Systems are Becoming Obsolete

Mobile wash systems are no longer an acceptable vehicle washing solution due to their inefficiencies, safety risks, and negative environmental impact.

Car getting a wash from a hose

If your vehicles are waiting to be washed, you are losing money. Mobile wash systems are inefficient and take significantly more time to clean vehicles compared to other vehicle washing alternatives. The inconveniences of longer wash cycles include greater labor costs and reduced profits for your business.

Mobile wash systems also pose both health and safety risks to your employees. These systems are dangerous to operate and put operators at risk of injuries and health issues due to exposure to high-risk chemicals.

Are environmental regulations forcing you to update your mobile wash systems? These systems do not have a filtration system that filters out dangerous chemicals. The wash water runoff or wastewater from these systems allows dangerous chemicals to enter our clean water drain systems.

Why Upgrade to an InterClean Single-Brush Wash System

The InterClean Alpha 500 is a single-brush, self-contained, mobile wash system that was designed as a safer, more efficient alternative to the traditional “mobile” wash systems seen today. The single-brush construction and motorized design of this system gives users a highly effective wash with incredibly simple and efficient operation. Powered by either a diesel motor or a 24V battery pack, the Alpha 500 allows the machine to be used in any location, indoor and outdoor.

Cost-Effective Solution

The Alpha 500 single wash brush system is a great option for fleet owners looking to upgrade from manual washing without investing in larger and more costly vehicle wash installations. It’s a cost-effective self-contained bus, truck, and transit wash system that doesn’t compromise on cleaning power.

Increased Productivity

Imagine the increased productivity when you can completely clean your vehicles with our single-brush wash systems in less than 10 minutes. Our efficient vehicle wash systems can reduce the amount of time spent washing your vehicles, so you can get your vehicles back on the road faster and improve your bottom line.

Sustainable Model

Ensure you are in compliance with environmental regulations thanks to the InterClean EQ100 water recycling module. This module purifies dirty water and ensures the safe disposal of wastewater. Each module is also capable of producing up to 300 gallons per minute (GPM) of recycled water continuously.

Increased Safety

With InterClean automatic wash systems, you can set a new standard of cleanliness for your brand and a safer work environment for your crew. Our motorized wash systems can clean heavy-duty vehicles without personnel in the wash bay. This prevents employee exposure to health and safety risks.
InterClean’s mobile wash system cleaning a bus

Single Brush Wash System

The Alpha 500 machine is a great mobile fleet wash system that offers a powerful clean for a wide range of commercial vehicles, including trucks, vans, and buses. The custom design of this vehicle wash system includes a large single brush mounted on a diesel or battery-powered machine that can be pushed or driven around large vehicles to speed up your cleaning operation and reduce labor costs.

There are many great standard features packed in the Alpha 500 machine.

Specifications include:

Manual & Robotic Wash System

InterClean Manual and Robotic Wash Systems are high-pressure water systems that offer absolute directional control for users. These systems effectively remove dirt and grime from heavy-duty duty vehicles and simplify cleaning processes. Compared to mobile wash systems, InterClean manual & robotic wash systems are much safer and more efficient. Our robotic wash systems eliminate the need for personnel in the wash bay and our manual wash systems use low pressure and high volumes of wash water to maximize safety. InterClean manual & robotic wash systems are particularly effective for cleaning:

Robotic wash system on pavement



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InterClean has delivered our diversified line of wash equipment to over 1000 sites across the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will need a water tank to supply water to the system. Luckily, our mobile wash system, the Alpha 500, has a 132 gallon onboard water tank supplied with the unit, so you can clean your vehicle more efficiently and effectively.

Our mobile wash systems vary in cost depending on your unique needs. Please contact us for more information.