Mobile Wash Systems

Are Environmental Regulations Forcing You to Update Your Mobile Wash Systems?

InterClean has several rollover and touchless commercial vehicle wash systems to choose from. Our U.S. made commercial vehicle wash systems are custom made to accommodate vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We can include a variety of operational options, as well as tire and chassis wash systems, and high pressure water recycling modules. Call +1 (734) 961-3300 and speak to a commercial vehicle wash system expert about replacing your mobile wash system with a new, energy efficient truck washing system from InterClean.

Mobile Wash Systems Are Becoming Obsolete


If your vehicles are waiting to be washed, you are losing money. Mobile wash systems are inefficient, pose safety issues to your employees, and put dangerous chemicals into our clean water drain systems. InterClean can design a safe, drive through, manual, or robotic system that uses fresh or recycled water, and saves you money wash after wash. Imagine the increased productivity when you can completely clean your vehicles with our high pressure wash systems in 60-90 seconds. You can set a new standard of clean for your brand and a safer work environment for your crew. Contact Interclean today for specs and pricing on a new commercial vehicle wash system.

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Wheel / Tire & Chassis

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