Chassis, Wheel, & Tire Wash System

Clean water wheel wash systems effectively remove dirt and contaminants from the chassis, wheels, and tires of vehicles at dirty job sites.

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Chassis, Wheel, & Tire Wash Systems

InterClean’s wheel wash systems powers away mud and debris on truck tires, wheels and the underbody of vehicles and keeps sediment contained to your site.
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Whether environmental regulations require you to prevent trackout or you just want to be a good neighbor, our reliable wash systems offer an effective solution for your mining, military, or construction applications. Our automatic wheel wash system is fast, efficient, and the best solution for preventing mud and other debris from spreading outside your job site.
Chassis Wash System - Fresh Water Salt Truck
Chassis Wash System - Spray Bar Chassis Wash for Waste Management

Chassis Wash Systems

Vehicles and heavy-duty equipment that traverse rough or unfinished surfaces tend to accumulate debris on their undercarriage, which can result in corrosion on the chassis and mechanical components. This can leave the vehicle vulnerable to rust and structural damage. However, there is a solution to this problem. Regular use of a chassis wash system can help prevent such issues by cleaning away the corrosive material, road buildup, and other debris from the underside of the vehicle.

InterClean Chassis Wash Systems are a highly effective  and easy way to keep your equipment in good working condition. Options include spinner chassis washes in multiple configurations, chassis spray bars, FST and CTW options, and more.  These modules can be used as a stand-alone chassis wash system, combined with new InterClean wash system installations, or placed in an existing wash bay.

No matter what kind of equipment you have or what your specific needs are, InterClean has a solution that will work for you.

Wheel Wash Systems

InterClean has two different styles of wheel washes available.

XR Series

XT Series

InterClean XR80 Extreme Duty Tire Wash for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Wheel & Tire Wash Systems

InterClean Extreme Duty Tire Wash Systems for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Why Use Our Chassis, Wheel, & Tire Wash Systems

InterClean’s wash system offers state-of-the-art technology with numerous product benefits.

Prevent Cross-Contamination

If your job site contains pollutants such as heavy metals, oils, or grease, it’s important that your wastewater doesn’t reach storm drains without being filtered. InterClean can design a wheel wash and under chassis system to keep you compliant with local codes and environmental regulations and protect public safety. Our wheel and chassis wash systems keep your wheel wash water clean and remove dirt and grime before you leave your construction site and enter public roads.

Environmentally Friendly

Our truck wheel wash systems can be designed with our EQ100 high-pressure, anti-turbulent water recycling module. This water recycling system can operate under the most demanding vehicle wash conditions and requires no chemical additives to minimize any environmental impact. Each EQ100 module can produce up to 300 gallons per minute (GPM) of recycled, clean, optically clear water, so you don’t have to compromise on wash quality and performance.

Extend Vehicle Lifespan

After a long day at dirty construction sites or industrial sites, the chassis and tire treads of heavy equipment and vehicles are coated in mud and other contaminants. This can add excessive weight to vehicles and cause wear on the braking and driveline systems if vehicles are not properly cleaned. InterClean wheel wash systems quickly and effectively wash the underside of vehicles of any dirt, debris, contaminants, or corrosive materials. This effectively increases the lifespan of vehicles and reduces maintenance costs.

Enhance Safety

Our easy-to-use wheel washing systems provide a simple solution for cleaning your vehicle’s tires and underbody. Operators simply drive vehicles through the wash platform. This reduces their exposure to safety hazards and makes vehicle inspection and maintenance a breeze.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our wheel wash solution is an automatic system that uses high-pressure water to wash away truck mud and debris from tires, wheels, and the underbody of heavy-duty vehicles.
The InterClean wheel washing systems cater to the mining, military, construction, and public works sectors, and are designed to wash and decontaminate the tires and chassis of trucks and other heavy-duty equipment leaving job sites such as landfills, steel mills, quarries, and chemical plants.
Combining a water recycling module with your wheel or tire wash will allow you to reclaim up to 90% of the water used during the wash process. InterClean’s EQ100 is a high-pressure, anti-turbulent recycled water module that collects and filters the water for use with future wash applications. The EQ100 does not require any chemical additives and is capable of recycling up to 90% of the wash water, making it an environmentally friendly solution.