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InterClean bus wash systems offer design flexibility and proven technology to ensure effective and efficient cleaning of your entire bus fleet.




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InterClean bus cleaning systems are custom cleaning solutions for transit buses, school buses, paratransit, and tour bus fleets.

Choose between our gantry/rollover and automatic drive-through wash systems to get the best large vehicle wash technology for your specific bus washing needs. These systems can be custom designed as touchless systems, advanced friction/brush wash systems, or as a hybrid system – combining both touchless and friction technologies.

Drive-Through Wash Systems

Our drive-through bus wash solutions are tailored to the needs of each transit or school bus fleet. Each of our systems uses advanced cleaning technology, including InterClean’s patented Centri-Spinner technology for high-pressure, touchless wash systems.

XJ Bus Wash System

This drive-through system is the perfect friction wash cleaning solution for transit, paratransit, and school buses. The most popular configuration includes an overlapping 4-brush system with rear wrap functionality, combined with high-pressure spinner and v-sprays for touchless cleaning of the front surfaces, bike racks, behind the bike racks, mirrors, wheels, and chassis. Customize your XJ Bus Wash System with the following options:

There is no stopping required for this efficient drive-through wash system!

Bus moving through two lane friction wash system
Bus moving through two lane friction wash system
Yellow school bus being cleaned by touchless wash system
Yellow school bus being cleaned by touchless wash system

Touchless Spinner Wash

Touchless cleaning using fully adjustable, stainless steel, zero-degree impact nozzles allows for maximum cleaning power and coverage with minimum water usage. InterClean’s Centri®Spinner design delivers a highly effective and efficient wash without risking damage to mirrors, safety signs, bike racks, and light covers.  Customizations to your touchless wash system may include:

The base configuration includes an Under Chassis Wash designed to help reduce corrosion and maintenance costs.

Hybrid Wash System

Another effective drive-through wash system for a variety of bus washing applications. The hybrid wash system is expertly designed to use a combination of touchless washers for the front, top, rear, wheel, and chassis and foam brushes for the sides. This system is available using freshwater or recycled water and the following options:

Prevent scratching and damage while effectively cleaning those hard to reach places with this wash system.

3 Lane Hybrid Bus Wash
Three Lane Hybrid Transit Bus Wash

Rollover & Gantry Wash System

Clean buses effectively with InterClean’s innovative Ultra Gantry Wash System.

Ultra Gantry System

The InterClean Ultra Gantry System is the latest version of our Bus and Truck Wash System, ideal for commercial and retail applications, fleets, and transit buses. This roll-over bus wash machine can be made with friction cleaning, touchless wash, or a combination of both. Customize your Ultra Gantry system with a variety of options, including:

Simply park your vehicle in the wash bay, and the roll-over system does all the work!

Commercial bus being washed by brush system
Commercial Gantry Bus Wash System

Manual Wash System

Improve efficiency and upgrade from manually washing your bus fleet with InterClean’s state-of-the-art Alpha 500 machine.

Transit bus being washed by single brush mobile wash unit, Alpha 500 wash system

Alpha 500 Single Brush Wash System

The Alpha 500 is a mobile wash system that offers a powerful clean for buses and other commercial vehicles. The system features a large single brush mounted on a diesel or battery-powered machine and serves as a practical and cost-effective upgrade from manual washing. Additional features of the Alpha 500 single brush wash machine include:

With wash times less than 10 minutes, this system will greatly reduce the amount of time spent washing your fleet!

Featured Case Study

Empty transit wash system


GO (Government of Ontario) Transit is a Metrolinx division connecting urban areas in southern Ontario to Toronto. GO Transit transports over 70 million passengers to and from Toronto annually via high-speed rail and buses, making it critical to have an efficient and effective wash system.

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Yellow school bus washed by transit industry wash system


As any transit agency or fleet owner can attest to, finding an effective wash solution is key to keeping your fleet clean and in working order, so you can keep servicing your riders.

The InterClean Advantage

All InterClean Equipment bus wash systems are built with our customers’ needs in mind.

Sustainable Design Features

All of the wash systems InterClean designs are available with the EQ100 water recycling module that effectively captures and recycles wash water to reduce water usage. The EQ100 water recycling system effectively recycles large volumes of water and has been recognized globally for improving sustainability in heavy-duty vehicle washing systems. High-efficiency motors, optimized detergent application, rinsing technology and controls are used throughout the wash systems.

Expertly Designed Systems

InterClean is an engineering, innovation, and technology pioneer in the field of bus wash equipment. We have the expertise and experience to understand the intricacies of each bus washing application, which allows us to design the best cleaning solutions possible for your fleet washing needs. Careful selection of materials throughout the design process prevents corrosion, minimizes upkeep, and reduces life cycle costs.

Customizable Solutions

When off-the-shelf just doesn’t cut it, InterClean is here to help. InterClean wash systems are custom designed to meet the unique cleaning needs of our customers. You will get the benefit of state-of-the-art technology coupled with a team of experienced engineers ready to design the most effective bus wash system for your transit fleet.

Made in the USA

All InterClean wash systems are made in the U.S.A. and designed to efficiently clean vehicles with the highest standard of cleanliness. We are proud to design and build our wash systems in-house to ensure that our customers receive only the best cleaning solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

InterClean’s bus wash solutions can be custom designed with advanced friction or touchless wash equipment, or a combination of both, with washers and brushes placed in strategic places to clean all areas of the bus, including the top.
InterClean’s bus wash systems can be designed with the EQ100 water recycling module to recycle large volumes of wash water and reduce water usage. The wash water recycling system minimizes the environmental impact of wash systems without compromising efficiency.