InterClean transit wash systems provide consistent drive-through capabilities and the perfect combination of touchless and friction cleaning for today’s transit agencies.

Clean Your Entire Fleet of Transit Vehicles

InterClean’s transit wash systems provide the versatility required to clean various vehicle types, making them perfect for both private and public transportation vehicles such as:

Transit Buses



Passenger vans

A Better Way to Clean

A Better Way to Clean Your Transit Fleet

At InterClean, we’re passionate about helping municipal and commercial transit companies make a great impression with clean transit and school bus fleets. When traditional transit wash systems fall short, InterClean train and bus wash systems can get the job done right.

A bus being washed by an InterClean fleet wash system.

You no longer have to deal with wash systems that damage your transit buses and provide mediocre cleaning results. If you encounter any of the following problems, it’s time to make the switch:

A superior transit washing solution awaits with InterClean’s innovative transit wash systems…

We’ve Worked With Top Transit Agencies Across the Globe

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Wash Systems

Wash Systems Purpose-Built for the Transit Industry

The InterClean Drive-Through XJ404 is the perfect bus wash equipment for transit agencies. Our efficient drive-through wash systems enable operators to wash transit vehicles in just minutes. Choose between a touchless or hybrid wash configuration to suit the specific needs of your fleet. 

A double-decker bus going through an InterClean transit wash system.

Drive-Through Touchless and Friction Wash Systems

Does your transit fleet include buses with irregular vehicle shapes or vehicles with recessed panels?

The touchless features of our XJ402 drive-through system are ideal for vehicles with hard-to-reach areas, such as cutaway paratransit vans, transit buses, and school buses. This system uses touch-free cleaning to effectively wash areas that brushes can’t reach. The sides and rears can be cleaned with our full-length wrap system.

Drive-Through Hybrid/ Friction Wash Systems

Does your transit fleet include transit buses or other regular-shaped transit vehicles?

InterClean’s drive-through XJ system combines touchless spray and brush wash capabilities, delivering an exceptional clean with minimal risk of vehicle damage or operator error. The touchless spray effectively reaches difficult areas, while the horizontal and vertical brushes offer enhanced scrubbing power.

A commercial vehicle is being washed by a hybrid transit wash system.


The Benefits of InterClean Transit Wash Systems

The InterClean drive-through machines are state-of-the-art wash equipment with numerous benefits:

Ideal Bus Wash Solution

InterClean’s transit bus wash systems are unmatched in the industry when it comes to cleaning transit buses.

Reduced Vehicle & Wash System Damage

InterClean wash systems utilize smooth movements and consistent pressure to minimize damage to your transit and vehicles significantly, as well as the wash system itself.

Advanced Water Recycling Capabilities

Enhance the sustainability of your transit wash processes with our water recycling system. This system reduces water usage and operates without relying on chemicals to recycle wash water.

Broad Service Coverage

With a worldwide transit wash distributor network, our distributors can provide ongoing support and proactive maintenance across the globe.

Stopless Cleaning Cycles

With InterClean bus wash systems, employees can wash vehicles without stopping, leading to faster wash times, increased productivity, and reduced damage.

Reduced Maintenance

InterClean transit wash systems require less maintenance than the competition, allowing you to save valuable time and maintenance costs.

Unique Controls

Features like pH neutralization, improved pressure control on side brushes, and integration with building management software distinguish InterClean transit wash systems from the rest.

Featured Case Study

An InterClean transit wash system.


GO (Government of Ontario) Transit is a Metrolinx division connecting urban areas in southern Ontario to Toronto. GO Transit transports over 70 million passengers to and from Toronto annually via high-speed rail and buses, making it critical to have an effective and efficient wash system.

Featured Article

A yellow school bus being washed by a transit bus washing machine.


As any transit agency or school bus fleet owner can attest, finding an effective wash solution is key to keeping your fleet clean and in working order so you can continue servicing your riders.

Why Choose InterClean


At InterClean, we take pride in customizing our transit vehicle wash solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs and objectives.

By choosing InterClean, you gain access to one of the most extensive cleaning options in the industry.

We are dedicated to being your long-term fleet washing partner, offering unmatched responsiveness and a commitment to wash excellence, ensuring the care of your equipment throughout its lifespan.

The InterClean transit washing system brochure.
Transit Wash Systems Brochure

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Frequently Asked Questions

At InterClean, our transit vehicle cleaning expertise allows us to develop the perfect wash solution for your entire fleet. We offer custom cleaning solutions tailored to your specific washing needs and vehicle types, ensuring outstanding results for all your vehicles.

Yes, InterClean’s and public transit wash systems are designed to prevent vehicle damage during the wash cycles.

InterClean prepares a custom report for prospective customers to calculate detergent consumption per wash, based on the types of vehicles in the fleet.

InterClean has an international network of distributors that provide quality service to customers worldwide. Find your nearest InterClean distributor

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