Waste Management Fleet: Simple Cleaning Solutions

Drive Through Touchless Spinner Wash System for Waste Management
Garbage truck going through a touchless spinner wash system.

Waste Management Vehicles

  • Prevent Corrosion: Removing corrosive substances and debris from the vehicle’s exterior helps prevent rust and deterioration, prolonging the vehicle’s lifespan.
  • Minimize Odors: Thorough cleaning eliminates odor-causing bacteria, creating a more hygienic working environment for operators and improving public perception.
  • Prevent Contamination: Cleanliness reduces the risk of contamination from waste residues by eliminating residue. This helps ensures a sanitary and safe working environment. When not addressed it can attract pests and grow harmful bacteria.
  • Maintain Equipment Functionality: Cleaning helps prevent debris buildup that can impair equipment functionality. It keeps loading arms and compactors work properly and safely.