Unmatched Mining Equipment Washing Expertise

InterClean automatic systems can deliver incredible de-mucking, deicing, and cleaning power to large mining vehicles in a short amount of time.

Clean Your Most Challenging Mining Vehicles & Equipment

InterClean’s diverse washing equipment offers the versatility you need to clean different vehicle types. InterClean mining wash systems are the ideal fit for the following heavy equipment, machines, and vehicles:

Haul trucks

Hydraulic excavators


Water trucks

Wheel loaders


A Better Way to Clean

Advanced Washing Equipment for the
Toughest Mining Applications

Mining vehicles are constantly operating in extreme conditions and often require inspections, maintenance, and repairs. These tasks are not possible when there is excessive debris such as:

on the vehicle. It’s essential to remove dirt and other debris prior to servicing your vehicles.

However, cleaning a massive mine truck is a big job. Manual cleaning can take hours and consume valuable time from both your equipment and your employees.

At InterClean, we have the wash systems you need to address the harsh demands of your mining fleet and get your vehicles back to work faster.

We’ve Worked With Top Mining Companies Across the Globe

Wash Systems

Wash Systems Purpose-Built for the
Mining Industry

We have the advanced washing equipment your business needs to thoroughly clean your fleet of mining vehicles and machinery and protect your equipment investment.

Manual Wash System

Do you have trouble removing caked-on dirt and debris from your dump trucks, bulldozers, excavators, water trucks, or wheel loaders?

InterClean’s manual wash systems feature high volume, low-pressure washers with enough power to dislodge even the most stubborn debris. Our system offers a safer alternative to a standard high-pressure washer without compromising on cleaning power. Choose between hand-held, pedestal mounted, or robotically controlled nozzles based on your needs.

Robotic Wash System

Does your mining equipment operate in challenging or dangerous environments?

InterClean’s robotic wash systems can perform cleaning cycles in high-risk environments without the operator in the wash bay. Our systems keep your operators safe from hazardous conditions including extreme temperatures and breathing hazards.

Wheel Wash System

Do you have vehicles that operate both on the mine site and on public roads?

InterClean’s wheel, tire, and chassis wash systems can remove any contaminants from the undercarriage and tires of your vehicles to help you comply with regulations and prevent trackout. Our wheel wash systems also offer 100% water recycling, simple drive-through operation with automatic start and stop, and powerful cleaning action.

Interclean Success Stories

We define our success by delivering the highest standards of cleanliness to our customers across the globe.


Benefits of InterClean Mining
Wash Systems

At InterClean, we offer cleaning equipment purpose-built for the mining industry with numerous benefits:

Efficient Wash Cycles

InterClean mining wash systems clean mining equipment in a much shorter time period than traditional methods. We can help you turn a 4-6 hour process into wash times under 5 minutes.

Superior Wash Quality

Our systems can help your business remove massive amounts of dirt and debris from large vehicles effectively to prepare the vehicles for service or maintenance.

Increased Uptime

We can work with you to enable more uptime for your valuable equipment by extending the lifespan of your equipment and getting your vehicles back to work faster.

Built for Hazardous Locations

InterClean mining wash systems are purpose-built for installation in hazardous areas such as underground mines.

Why Choose InterClean

Why Choose InterClean for Your Mining Vehicle Washing Needs?

At InterClean, we have experience working with mining customers around the world to deliver unparalleled solutions for the mining industry.

Our network of service partners enables us to take care of your needs throughout the entire lifespan of your wash equipment.

We care about being your long-term partner and we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way.



A global leader in the field of large vehicle cleaning solutions

InterClean has delivered our diversified line of wash equipment to over 1000 sites across the world.

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