High-pressure military wash systems offer vigorous cleaning power for military vehicles operating in the most extreme conditions.



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Military Wash Systems

Military vehicles perform in some of the harshest climates under extreme operating conditions, making them a challenge for standard wash systems to clean. InterClean’s custom, heavy-duty military wash systems are expertly designed to quickly and safely power away built-up mud and corrosives, keeping vehicles operational and maintaining accessibility for routine vehicle inspections and maintenance. Our innovative wash systems are designed with powerful vehicle wash capabilities to meet the challenging washing needs of a wide variety of military land vehicles, such as:

A military vehicle going through a military vehicle wash system.

InterClean’s drive-through military vehicle wash solutions are high-powered, touchless wash systems perfect for cleaning the hard-to-reach places of unconventionally shaped military vehicles. InterClean military wash systems offer efficient and heavy-duty cleaning power through the perfect combination of system components, including high-volume, low-pressure jets, high-pressure jets, and powerful detergents. Benefits of this wash system include:

These systems are a great washing solution to remove dirt, mud, salt, and other corrosives quickly and efficiently.

As a highly customizable wash system, the InterClean Ultra Gantry wash system can be configured for a variety of washing applications. The Ultra Gantry’s high-pressure touchless cleaning options allow for effective cleaning of variably shaped military vehicles. Choose between the following additional customization options:

The PWX Touchless Spinner configuration is an ideal method for heavy dirt and mud removal for military vehicles operating in extreme conditions and can be designed for locations with limited available space.

A tank driving through a military vehicle wash system.
A tank driving through military vehicle wash equipment.

Give your tires and chassis a deep and thorough clean with these powerful wash systems. Sand, mud, and dirt buildup add excessive weight to military vehicles, leading to decreased performance and wear on the braking and driveline systems. InterClean wheel, tire & chassis wash systems effectively remove buildup from hard-to-reach places to reduce maintenance and life cycle costs. Choose between:

Both our manual and robotic tire and chassis wash systems spray high volumes of water at relatively low pressure to provide the impact needed to blast away heavy buildup in a matter of minutes.

The InterClean Advantage

All InterClean Equipment LLC military wash systems are built with our customers’ needs in mind.

Highly Efficient Systems

When time is of the essence, InterClean wash systems can provide a powerful clean for military vehicles within minutes. All of our military wash systems significantly reduce the wash time of even the dirtiest tank or heavy-duty military vehicle. With less time spent on vehicle washdowns and decontamination, you’ll free up manpower for other important tasks.

Exclusive Water Recycling Module

InterClean is the exclusive distributor of our EQ 100 water recycling module. Our heavy-duty cleaning systems use this high-powered water recycling module to reclaim dirty water and filter out 80% of the dangerous chemicals from the wastewater. Contaminants are effectively captured and removed from rinsing water to avoid contamination of runoff areas. Our water recycling systems also help vehicle wash systems reclaim, reuse, and recycle wash water to reduce fresh water usage and wastewater discharge.

Customizable Solutions

Military vehicles have unique shapes and configurations that make them challenging for standard wash systems to clean. At InterClean, we custom-design your military wash systems to meet the cleaning needs of your most unique vehicles with our toughest wash applications. Our team of highly specialized engineers uses state-of-the-art technology to create the best military wash system uniquely suited to your needs.

Powerful Cleaning Capabilities

At InterClean, we understand that the US Army and the US Military require the most powerful cleaning solutions. Effectively cleaning challenging military vehicles is crucial for preventing corrosion and mitigating vehicle maintenance. All InterClean wash equipment is proudly made in the USA and combines the most powerful pressure washers and cleaning innovations to deliver a powerful wash for any type of military vehicle and application.



As a global leader in the field of large automotive vehicle cleaning solutions,

InterClean has delivered our diverse line of wash equipment to over 1000 sites across the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

InterClean’s military wash systems are specifically engineered to clean a variety of heavy-duty military vehicles. During the design process, a single wash system can be customized to accommodate and effectively clean vehicles of varying shapes and sizes. Vehicles that can be washed include tanks, heavy-duty trucks, light utility vehicles, armored personnel carriers, support vehicles, and prime movers.

The ideal frequency of washing depends on the type of military vehicle, operating conditions, and frequency, and its application.

InterClean’s military vehicle wash equipment includes the use of the EQ 100 water recycling module. The water recycling module is designed to recycle and aerate the wash water automatically and uses up to 90% recycled water. There are also no chemicals or additives used, minimizing the environmental impact.