Military Wash Systems

tank wash system

High-Pressure Wash Systems for Military Vehicles

Military Vehicles, such as tanks and transport trucks, perform in some of the most extreme operating conditions, making them a challenge for standard wash systems to clean. InterClean’s automatic and manual high pressure touchless and Gantry/Rollover washing systems are made in the U.S.A., and designed to quickly and safely power away caked on, built up mud and corrosives from military land vehicles such as tanks, heavy duty trucks, light utility vehicles, prime movers, and trucks. Contact InterClean for pricing and specifications on a custom heavy duty military wash system.

Give Your Tires and Chassis a Deep, Thorough Clean in Minutes, Not Hours

To help reduce extra maintenance and life cycle costs, it is important to remove grease and other buildup from tires, chassis, and other hard to reach places. The extra sand, mud and dirt buildup will add excessive weight to the vehicle, leading to decreased performance and wear on the braking and driveline systems. This can take hours to remove using conventional methods. InterClean’s powerful manual and robotic, tire and chassis wash systems can clean military vehicles in just a few minutes. Our heavy duty cleaning systems use InterClean’s exclusive high powered water recycling module to reclaim dirty water and filter out 80% of the dangerous chemicals, making the water safe for the environment and safe for your vehicles. Our water recycling systems work with both our manual and robotic tire and chassis wash systems, spraying high volumes of water at relatively low pressure, providing the impact needed to blast away heavy buildup in a matter of minutes. Call +1 (734) 961-3300 to speak to a military wash system expert.

Introducing the EQ100: InterClean’s Exclusive Water Recycling Module

The heart of InterClean’s military wash systems is their ability for recycling the wash water effectively and efficiently using our very own EQ100. The InterClean EQ100 water recycling module uses settling, filtering, cyclonic separation, circulation and aeration to provide a continuous supply of recycled water used for manual or automatic washing applications. The EQ100 can be used as the standard water recycling module, or we can design a more customized system when a more demanding solution is required. The EQ100 module is pre-plumbed and pre-wired, is mounted to a skid, and includes its own panel to control the internal functions such as water level adjustment and monitoring motor controls and alarms. The water recycling modules are designed to automatically backwash the filter, circulate and aerate the wash water. These features prevent bad odors associated with many water recycling systems.

Contact us today for more information on the EQ100, replacement chemicals or replacement parts for our military wash systems, or to receive a quote.



heavy-duty, military vehicle about to be washed