Commercial Vehicle Wash Systems

InterClean’s state-of-the-art commercial vehicle wash systems are purpose-built to meet the needs of your unique vehicle washing application.

About Our

Wash Systems

We’ve been designing and manufacturing commercial wash systems with fresh and recycled water modules, chassis and wheel wash components, and a variety of manualautomaticrobotic, and touchless systems that make your wash system work the way you need it. To learn more about our vehicle specific systems, click on the picture that best represents your fleet.

The InterClean Advantage

Sustainable Wash Systems

Improve the sustainability of your vehicle washing operations without compromising on wash quality. InterClean fleet wash solutions can be built using our patented water recycling module. This module produces high volumes of recycled wash water continuously, effectively reducing water usage at your site. Our water recycling system is globally recognized for improving sustainability in heavy-duty vehicle washing systems.

US Made

At InterClean, we’re proud to share that all of our fleet and industrial cleaning solutions are made in the USA. As an innovative manufacturer of fleet wash systems, we care about ensuring that our products meet the highest standards for our customers. We design and build our best-in-class wash systems in-house and supply our products to our distributors throughout North America and across the globe.

Safe & Efficient

Safety and efficiency are often top priorities for fleet owners. That’s why InterClean commercial vehicle wash systems are designed to keep operators safe and require significantly less time to complete wash cycles. Our efficient vehicle wash systems also reduce the total cost of each wash, effectively helping our customers achieve the lowest cost of ownership. With an InterClean wash system, your vehicles will be ready to hit the road and return to work much faster.

Customized Wash Solutions

Don’t settle for a basic truck wash that doesn’t meet your needs. From garbage trucks to private jets and transit buses to heavy duty mining vehicles, we’ve designed industry leading custom wash systems for many different types of vehicles. No matter your fleet size, vehicle types, climate, or the sizes of your vehicles, we can design and build a wash system that truly works for you.



A global leader in the field of large vehicle cleaning solutions

InterClean has delivered our diversified line of wash equipment to over 1000 sites across the world.

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