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Recycling Systems

High-pressure, filterless, low-maintenance water recycling modules provide high volumes of recycled wash water for your InterClean wash systems.

Revolutionize Your Wash Processes With a Water Recycling Module

Minimize adverse environmental impacts from your wash facility by reducing fresh water usage. Recycling wash water greatly decreases the amount of fresh water needed and disposed of each wash, saving money and enabling facilities to operate in areas with high water and sewer costs, and strict regulations and restrictions. When prioritizing sustainability, you will save water, money, and energy.

If you’re ready to innovate your wash processes while maintaining efficient and effective wash solutions, commit to InterClean’s EQ100 module.

The InterClean EQ wash water recycling system.

The EQ100 Water Recycling Module

The EQ100 is InterClean’s patented high-pressure, filterless water reclamation module, capable of recycling up to 90% of the wash water. This module is the heart of InterClean wash systems and has been used for almost all InterClean applications where water recycling can be used, including:

InterClean’s unique and patented water recycling system has been installed with wash systems for:

The system is designed to recycle and aerate the wash water automatically, without requiring changing filters or manual supervision, and is capable of operating under the most demanding vehicle wash conditions, such as recycling water used to wash garbage trucks, mining, and military vehicles.

These modules also use no chemicals or additives to minimize any environmental impact. It aerates wash water to ensure that the captured water doesn’t develop any offensive odors or bacteria typically associated with water recycling.

Why Use an InterClean Water Recycling Module

Above the advanced technology of InterClean’s EQ100 module, there are numerous additional benefits.

Simple Install & Use

At InterClean, we make installing and operating your EQ100 water recycling module as easy as possible. Each new system is pre-wired, pre-plumbed, and mounted on a skid for simple installation when it arrives at your facility. The unit’s overall dimensions are such that it can be shipped in standard road trailers or high cube, 40-foot ocean freight containers. Once installed, the EQ100 is designed to aerate and recycle water automatically without manual supervision. This method of water recycling provides inexpensive, simple, and reliable use of high volumes of recycled wash water for your wash process.

High Water Output

Each EQ100 module can produce up to 300 gallons per minute (GPM) of recycled water continuously, so you don’t have to compromise on wash quality. To achieve recycled water volumes over 300 GPM (1,250 l/m), multiple modules can be utilized in parallel to provide as much water as you need for your heavy-duty vehicle washing applications. By using this effective yet inexpensive recycling system, InterClean Equipment can employ the full force of huge volumes of pressurized wash water to power away dirt and mud. This creates a cleaning impact that is unavailable with other vehicle washing systems.

Low Maintenance

Our water recycling system is unique from other systems on the market because our system is passive and does not use traditional filters that would clog or need changing. Other wash water recycling systems require much maintenance to remove dirt from the filter and replace filters frequently. Unlike other recycling systems, InterClean’s filters never clog!

Without changing filters, washing operations with the EQ100 are low maintenance. Additionally, the module has its own electrical control panel that automatically monitors and enables the system’s internal functions, such as liquid level monitoring, motor control, overloads, and operation adjustments. The main control panel also allows a modem hook-up for remote control and troubleshooting.
Unlike all other wash systems, InterClean water recycle systems are extremely low maintenance.

Improve Wash Sustainability

Since 1984, InterClean has been committed to sustainable design concepts. Our patented EQ100 module effectively reduces freshwater consumption, and recycles up to 100% of the water by separating suspended solids, and particles, and naturally reduces hydrocarbon discharge to the waste stream. The filtration system produces the highest water quality so you don’t have to sacrifice cleanliness when choosing sustainable wash options for your fleet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With the EQ100 module, cast-off water from a wash can be cleaned to a level suitable for use in future washes. During a wash cycle, water and dirt drain off the vehicle and gravity-flow into a drain trench in the Wash Bay and from there into the pit system. Generally, the pit is a concrete structure located below grade that accepts the wastewater from the drain system. The first sections of the pit, collectively called the Settling Pit, provide an area for the heavier sediments and debris to settle out of the water, with each successive section of the pit holding less contaminated water. The final pit section is called the Pickup Pit and holds the clearest water in the system. The water is pumped from the Pickup Pit through the EQ100 water reclamation module then, once cleaned, it’s pumped into a holding tank for future wash applications.

To support environmental sustainability, all of InterClean’s wash systems effectively work with the EQ100. InterClean’s unique and patented water recycling system has been installed in hundreds of various wash systems. Identical water recycling systems have been installed at ultra-high-volume car, military tank, train, and heavy equipment washes.
During a wash cycle, water and dirt drain off the vehicle and gravity-flow into a drain trench in the wash bay and from there into the pit system. This pit system holds the water that will be recycled and used at various points during future washes.

Any type of vehicle wash uses large amounts of water, which in turn requires sewers to help dispose of all the water after it’s used. The EQ100 module makes it possible to instead recycle this water and uses a 500-gallon cone-bottomed tank that holds the water reclaimed from the Pickup Pit until it is needed for the high-pressure sections of the wash process.

Every gallon of wash water you reclaim and reuse is a gallon you do not pay for on your next water bill. Each time you cycle through a full tank of reclaimed water, you’ve saved the cost of 500 gallons. Likewise, reusing the wash water instead of flushing it away will save you money on your sewer bill as well.

Never. The Water Recycle Equipment developed and patented by InterClean Equipment is unique from all other types of reclaim systems in that it is a passive system. This means it does not rely on multiple mechanical filters that are prone to clogging.

The InterClean system was designed to work without the use of traditional filters and instead is based on gravity separation and passive, nonmechanical primary treatment techniques. This settling time has been achieved by designing the size of the settling pit to be able to accommodate all of the process wash water and allow for a designed retention time. The pit is also baffled near the suction end (clean end) to further isolate settled particles and capture floating oils and debris.

The settling pit is the only component that needs to be cleaned out periodically. Typical reclaim systems purify dirty water through multiple screens, meshes, sand, gravel, carbon, etc. Nearly all of these filters trap dirt inside, and the trapped dirt needs to be removed by back-washing, changing filters or by other means – which are all high-maintenance items. InterClean EQ100 recycling tanks never will need to be flushed out of the accumulated dirt build-up.

No. A constant exchange of water between the clean end and the dirty end of the pit keeps aerated water always moving throughout the system. This guarantees that the captured water in the InterClean system does not develop any objectionable odors usually associated with recycling systems.

The odors within recycled water are caused by a lack of oxygen and the bacteria going anaerobic. The circulation pump keeps the discharge from this pump constantly flowing, oxygenating the recycled wash water. This discourages the growth of anaerobic bacteria, thus preventing the odors. As bacteria do not thrive in highly alkaline or acidic conditions, wash water that is constantly recirculated and aerated throughout the system is also monitored by pH probes and is neutralized as needed.

InterClean’s recycling system also has the ability to add enzymes, bacteria, and nutrients to the recycled water. This Enhanced Biological Water Treatment System has greatly reduced oils, greases, and other organic contaminants and waste loading in recycled water. This procedure is the same as many municipal wastewater treatment plants utilize. It also addresses a major issue in meeting regulations for discharge to a sanitary sewer.