Wash System Water Recycling

Introducing InterClean’s EQ100

a Patented High-Pressure, Anti Turbulent Recycling Module

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This module is the heart of the InterClean system and has been used for almost all InterClean applications where water recycling is needed. These include wash systems for, trucks, trains, buses, aircraft, military and mining vehicles. Each EQ100 is capable of producing up to 300 GPM of recycled water continuously. The module has its own electrical control panel that monitors and enables the systems internal functions, such as liquid level monitoring, motor control, overloads, and adjustments. The main control panel also allows a modem hook-up for remote control and troubleshooting.

Get High Volumes of Recycled Water for Your InterClean Truck Washing System

The EQ100 is designed to recycle and aerate the wash water automatically, without changing filters or manual supervision. This method of water recycling provides inexpensive, simple and reliable use of high volumes of recycled wash water. The EQ100 can operate under the most demanding vehicle wash conditions such as recycling the water used to wash garbage trucks, mining and military vehicles and requires no chemical additives to minimize any environmental impact. Contact Interclean for a quote on the EQ100.

Our Water Recycling System Can Provide Water Volumes in Excess of 300 gpm

By using this effective yet inexpensive recycling system, InterClean Equipment is able to employ the full force of huge volumes of pressurized wash water, which create a cleaning impact that is simply not available with other automatic vehicle washing systems.

To achieve recycled water volumes in excess of 300 gpm (1,250 l/m), multiple modules can be utilized in parallel. Each module is pre-wired, pre-plumbed and mounted on a skid. The overall dimensions of the unit are such that it can be shipped in standard road trailers, or in high cube 40 feet ocean freight containers. Call +1 (734) 961-3300 to talk about our water recycling options for truck washes.

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