Single Brush Wash System

An effective, low-cost upgrade from manual washing.

The Alpha 500 Single Brush Wash Machine

The Alpha 500 machine is a great mobile fleet wash system that offers a powerful clean for a wide range of commercial vehicles, including both trucks and buses. This system includes a large single brush mounted on a diesel or battery-powered machine that can be driven around each of your vehicles to speed up your cleaning routines and reduce labor costs.


Contact us to get set up with your own Alpha 500 machine. Our expert technicians will deliver and assemble your equipment, so you can start using your single brush wash machine ASAP.

Why use an InterClean Single Brush Wash Machine?

The InterClean single brush wash machine is a state-of-the-art bus and truck wash system with numerous product benefits:


Low-Cost Upgrade

The Alpha 500 single wash brush system is a great option for those looking to upgrade from manual washing without investing in larger and more costly vehicle wash installations. It’s an affordable bus and truck wash system that doesn’t compromise on cleaning power.


User-Friendly Option

It takes less than an hour for operators to learn how to use the single brush truck wash equipment. The machine is equipped with a user-friendly steering bar and hydraulic drive wheel so any user can easily maneuver this wash system. This bus and truck wash equipment also comes in three different driving positions to suit your driving preferences, including stand, seat, or cab.


Efficient Bus and Truck Wash Solution

Compared to manual washing, the single brush wash system will greatly reduce the amount of time spent on washing your vehicle fleet. With the help of the Alpha 500 single wash brush system, the entire wash takes less than 10 minutes.


Powerful Yet Gentle Daily Wash

This mobile truck wash equipment is available with soft foam brushes. This will allow you to safely clean vehicles with high-quality paint finishes, decals, or wraps without fear of damaging the surfaces.

Features of the Single Brush Wash Machine

There are many great features packed in the Alpha 500 machine:

  • Diesel Motor unit (for outdoor use)
  • 24V batteries (for indoor use) 
  • Silencer unit for diesel engine
  • Steering controls 
  • Hydraulic traction for variable speed
  • Twin wheels for greater stability 
  • Automatic detergent dispensing device
  • Water tank 

Why Purchase a Bus and Truck Wash System from InterClean?

At InterClean, we are passionate about providing lasting solutions for our customers’ heavy-duty washing needs.

Dedication to customer service

Our staff are committed to providing industry-leading responsiveness and ongoing support, service, and maintenance to our customers. We care about customer satisfaction and want to ensure that each customer has a great experience with our InterClean equipment.

Technical Expertise

Our technicians are skilled in efficiently and effectively assembling our equipment, providing thorough training, and completing necessary maintenance and repairs.

Product Innovation

We invest significant time in research and development to ensure that all of our wash systems remain best-in-class. When purchasing an InterClean wash system, you can rest assured that your machine is one of the most innovative wash systems on the market.

Get Started with your own Alpha 500 Brush Wash System

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