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Help maintain the performance and appearance of your transit vehicles with a wash from the line of automatic Friction Wash Systems by InterClean.

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Automatic Brush
Wash Systems

The InterClean XJ Series is a line of effective drive through automatic friction wash systems specially made for heavy duty transit vehicles.

An ideal cleaning solution for public transit and school transit vehicles, these systems use both high-pressure water and modern friction cleaning technologies making them an efficient and powerful solution for high-volume city transit, school bus, motor coach, and train upkeep.

InterClean XJ Friction Wash System Installation
InterClean XJ Friction Wash Installation

This heavy-duty transit vehicle and truck wash system is highly customizable to effectively clean many different vehicle types.


A modern brush design is used across all of InterClean’s XJ automatic friction wash systems.  This design offers the option of brush or touchless washing of the front surfaces, then wraps the brushes around the back of the vehicle for rear surface cleaning.

Chasing Wrap Brushes

Rear brushes are designed to follow or “chase” the back of the vehicle instead of “swiping” at the surfaces, cleaning the rear of the vehicle in an overlapping pattern as it proceeds through the wash.

Brush Structure

Even pressure from our brush supported at both the top and bottom combined with the quick friction movement of our chasing wrap brushes are key design elements of the XJ friction wash system. This combination results in a stronger wash capability and reduced amount of detergent needed per wash compared to traditional friction brush wash systems.
Small XJ brush structure.

InterClean XJ Brush Modules
(standard applications)

XJ 402

Drive Through, Two Brush Wash

XJ 404 FF
Drive Through, Four Brush Wash

XJ 404 FW (FULL WRAP) Drive Through, Four Brush Wash

InterClean XJ 402 Friction Wash System Installation InterClean XJ 404 Fixed Front Friction Wash System Installation InterClean XJ 404 Full Wrap Friction Wash System Installation
(2) brushes clean sides of the vehicle then “wrap” to clean the rear surfaces.
(2) front brushes remain fixed, used only to clean sides of vehicle. (2) rear brushes “wrap” to clean rear surfaces.
(2) front brushes “wrap” to clean front and sides of the vehicle. (2) rear brushes “wrap” to clean sides and rear surfaces.
InterClean XJ 402 Friction Wash System InterClean XJ 404 Fixed Front Friction Wash System InterClean XJ 404 Full Wrap Friction Wash System

Wash Applications

The XJ Series of Automatic Friction Wash Systems can be designed with a 2 brush or 4 brush configuration, with optional single brush add-on’s.

XJ 402

Drive Through, Two Brush Wash

  • Independently controlled brush modules on each side are run by proximity sensors and air over oil cylinders allowing for precise movement and consistent pressure along the sides of the vehicle.
  • Brushes wrap to clean the rear surfaces.
  • Front surface cleaning can be accomplished using V-Spray or Centri® Spinner spray arches.
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XJ 404 FF (Fixed Front)

Drive Through, Four Brush Wash

  • Front brushes remain in a fixed position used to clean the sides of a vehicle or train as it passes through the wash.
  • Back brush modules then wrap around both sides of a vehicles to clean the rear surfaces as it passes by.
  • Touchless high-pressure front spray is used to clean the windshield and front surfaces.
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XJ 404 FW (Full Wrap)

Drive Through, Four Brush Wash

Capable of brush washing the front, side, and rear surfaces of a vehicle or train.
  • Front brushes move into position ahead of the vehicle as it approaches, scrub the windshield, then clean other front surfaces.
  • Front and rear brush modules work together collectively cleaning the vehicles sides as it moves through the wash.
  • Rear brush modules then wrap around the back corners to clean the rear surfaces as it passes by.
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XJ 1000 Brush Modules
The XJ 1000 bush modules are single-brush units which can be added to any trainsit or train wash system for aditional friction cleaning action.

These modules are frequently added to Rail and Light Train Wash systems.
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Why Use InterClean’s Brush Wash System

There are numerous benefits offered through InterClean’s drive through automatic friction wash systems.

Innovative Brush Design

Double hung, chasing wrap brushes are a key element used the design of InterClean’s heavy duty vehicle XJ friction washes.  This unique brush construction ensures that even pressure is applied from the top to the bottom any vehicle.

The wrap around action of the brushes also shortens the cleaning time  by “chasing” the vehicle to wash its rear surfaces as it travels through the wash.  No stopping is required.

Highly Customizable

Wash options in the XJ friction wash series are effective as a stand alone transit wash or train wash solution, or can be designed as a hybrid system combining the cleaning power of the brushes with intensity of our touchless wash applications.  These modules can also be combined with a number of add-on options such as blowers, chassis washes, water recycling systems and more.


Each of our XJ brush wash systems can be designed for use with recycled water and operate with the optimum amount of water and detergents, protecting you, your vehicle, and the environment. We use our EQ100 water recycling systems that provide water volumes up to 300 GPM to provide the same high-quality clean with a fraction of the water usage.

To minimize maintenance, the system is designed to automatically circulate and aerate the water and features a self cleaning stainless steel filter. This system is pre-wired and pre-plumbed and mounted on a skid.

Custom Engineered

InterClean’s friction brush wash systems are not one-size-fits-all. When you work with InterClean to determine the best wash system for your vehicle, we take the time to understand the types of vehicles you maintain, the amount and type of dirt or debris that needs to be removed, the types of corrosives your vehicles are exposed to, the water restrictions we’ll be working with, and of course, your budget.

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