Case Study

How InterClean Helped a Transportation Company Save $50,000 Per Year

About the Transportation Company

A local North American transportation company provides shuttle bus services to and from an international airport in a tourism town located in a National Park. For this company, it’s essential to have a clean fleet at all times to keep their shuttle buses looking nice for their passengers and to prevent any vehicle damage. Their buses spend half the year driving through a mountainous region in cold winter weather, making vehicles highly susceptible to rust and other weather-related corrosion, especially if they’re not washed properly.

The Challenge

The drivers at the transportation company had to manually wash each luxury sedan, van, and coach to get them ready for transporting passengers. This manual washing process took between 30-60 minutes per vehicle, and the vehicles were never as clean as the company wanted them to be. The transportation company needed a wash system that could clean their fleet of transportation vehicles more efficiently and effectively.

Cue InterClean

The transportation company knew their current washing methods were not a suitable long-term solution, so they contacted InterClean to help them design a new system to combat their manual washing challenges.
“We have 7 out of 11 bus wash systems manufactured by InterClean Equipment, they are by far superior in reliability, have less downtime, and customer service levels are much better. The washes are easy to use and produce a very clean bus with minimal soap having to be used” 
Bus Infrastructure and Facilities Supervisor, GO Transit

The Solution

InterClean designed, built, and installed the Ultra Gantry wash system with a three-brush, two-step chemical application configuration. The Ultra Gantry system is a customizable rollover bus and truck wash system that uses a combination of high-volume, low-pressure jets and high-pressure washers, specifically designed for transportation vehicles.

The following features were included in the solution that InterClean provided for this transportation company.

Chemical Application

InterClean provided the transportation company with a chemical application capable of applying high and low-pH chemicals to the front, sides, top, and rear of their vehicles to ensure every spot is thoroughly cleaned.

Friction Cleaning

The Ultra Gantry system includes a three-brush friction cleaning configuration that features one top brush and two side brushes. The wash system utilizes total brush control (TBC) to scrub every surface of their vehicles while protecting sensitive areas, including mirrors, and marketing decals, from damage. Additionally, TBC allows for brush speed and RPM control at any location, creating custom brush paths.

Rinse Arch

The rinse arch allows for a freshwater rinse with wax to remove all dirt, grime, and residue.

Remote Diagnosis

Their new system has a remote diagnosis that allows technicians and engineers to provide remote support and troubleshooting through remote connectivity technology.

The Results

This Ultra Gantry wash package was a perfect solution to combat the manual washing challenges the transportation company was facing prior.

With the help of InterClean, they’ve now seen major reductions in wash times and labor costs. Additionally, this transportation company no longer has to wash their fleet manually and can get their vehicles on the road faster and cleaner than ever before.

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