The Benefits of an InterClean XJ Wash System

InterClean XJ wash system brushes

As any transit agency or fleet owner can attest to, finding an effective wash solution is key to keeping your fleet clean and in working order, so you can keep servicing your riders.

Have you ever wondered what design consideration goes into each component of a wash system? In this article, we’re casting a spotlight on the design and functionality of our simple, robust, and effective XJ Wash System.

What is the XJ Wash System?

The XJ wash system is an effective, friction type drive-through wash system that is perfect for demanding wash cycles. With soft yet durable brushes, you can clean all areas of your trains, transit, paratransit, and school buses without damaging any physical components like bike racks, windshield wipers, extended mirrors, or stop signs. 

Types of XJ Wash Systems

InterClean offers three different types of XJ systems: the XJ 402, XJ 402 full wrap, and XJ 404 fixed front. These systems are similar, but offer different brush functionalities. The following are differences between each system. 

XJ 402

The XJ 402 is a standard brush module consisting of two brushes. One is used to clean the sides of the vehicle while the other cleans the rear. 

XJ 404 Full Wrap (FW)

The XJ 404 full wrap brush module includes four brushes that clean each side of the vehicle. Two brushes are located in the rear and wrap to clean the entire rear sides and back of the vehicle, while the two front brushes wrap to clean the front of the vehicle. 

XJ 404 Fixed Front (FF)

The XJ 404 fixed front system has four brushes. Two brushes wrap and clean the entire rear of the vehicle, including the back, while the two front brushes remain stationary and only clean the front sides of the vehicle. 

Unique Features of the XJ Wash System

The XJ Wash Systems have become highly sought after, in-part due to a number of impressive features that make them stand out from other available friction-type washes.

Brush Functionality

When using a standard vehicle wash system, you often rely heavily on soap to remove most dirt and debris. With the XJ system, you still use a pre-soap system, but you don’t have to rely on the chemicals in the soap, as the friction movement of the brushes provides a much stronger wash capacity. Not only does this result in a more effective wash, but it also reduces the amount of detergent needed during each wash.

“One major benefit of the XJ Wash System brushes is that you don’t have to rely solely on chemical pre-treatment to effectively clean your vehicle. You can count on the brushes’ friction movement to provide a much stronger wash capacity.”

Simon Luo, Mechanical Engineering Manager

Innovative Brush Design

When designing your XJ system, you can choose the type of brush material that best suits your vehicle’s needs. The most common type is made with plastic bristles that flare out to ensure it cleans all necessary spots on the vehicle. The other brush type is a foam brush that is much gentler on the vehicle and a better option for vehicles with exterior components, like bike racks or advertisements/decals.

Unique Brush Styles

Brush styles are the way your brushes move around the vehicle when the system is engaged. All XJ models are designed with chasing wrap brushes and double-hung brushes for optimal performance.

  1. Chasing Wrap Brushes

The chasing wrap brush follows or “chases” the bus once it engages with the vehicle’s rear. This is an efficient brush style as the brushes travel with the vehicle for several feet, scrubbing the vehicle effectively. With the quick movement of the chasing wrap, brush contact time is increased from 1-2 seconds to 6-8 seconds – all without increasing wash cycle times.

  1. Double-Hung Brushes

Double-hung brushes are secured at both the top and bottom of the brush shaft. Double-hung brushes ensure the wash quality is consistent from top to bottom. This is an optimal brush style as the brush shaft can maintain equal pressure from the top of the bus to the bottom, unlike traditional brush configurations only secured at the top.

Base system:

  • Three manifold, stainless steel chemical arch
  • Stainless steel rinse arches
  • Brush module with full- or rear- wrap capability of moving vehicle
  • High-pressure arch for touchless cleaning of front of vehicle
  • Tire guides with stainless steel slip plates

Customizable Options

Having a system that meets all the needs of your unique fleet is extremely important for effective washes. On top of the customizable brush designs and styles, the following are additional customizable options you can choose from when you design your XJ system.

  • Blowers
  • Water Recycling (EQ 100) with bioremediation for water conservation
  • Wheel wash 
  • Chassis wash
  • Roof Mops
  • Touchless cleaning modules (with 30, 60 or 75 HP motors)
  • RO final rinse
  • Foam brushes
  • Brush height (11’ 6” or 14’ 6” options available)

Upgrade Your Wash System Today

If you’re looking for a new bus wash system that’s efficient, customizable, and effective, you need the XJ wash system.

With years of experience designing, installing, and servicing wash systems, no one knows the best wash solutions for your bus fleet better than InterClean. Our state-of-the-art wash technology is expertly designed based on the needs of your bus fleet so you can transform your wash processes and ensure superior cleaning results.

Feel confident driving your fleet of buses around your city when you invest in an InterClean wash system. If you’re ready to upgrade your wash system, contact us!