Innovative Heavy-Duty Vehicle Wash Systems

North America’s leading engineering, innovation, and technology provider in the field of large vehicle cleaning applications.

About InterClean Equipment

A pioneer in heavy-duty
touchless wash systems

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Established in 1984, InterClean is now the worldwide leader in innovating, engineering, and manufacturing vehicle wash systems for trucks, heavy transport vehicles, rail fleets, and everything in between.

With almost 3 decades of experience, no one understands heavy duty wash systems better than InterClean.


InterClean truck wash system

If you’re new or have just come across this post, you might be wondering… “Who is InterClean?”  Before we tell you who we are, let’s …

clear water rinse system

Did you know seawater is corrosive? That’s why the US Air Force requires that all aircraft within a 300-mile radius of seawater or flying below …

manual wash detailing

Mobile wash systems are becoming obsolete due to their inefficiencies, safety risks and negative environmental impact. At InterClean, we have the wash systems you need …

water recycling modules

Since 1984, InterClean has been committed to sustainable design concepts. We are proud to help fleet owners across the world improve the sustainability of their …

InterClean drive through haul truck wash

Heavy-duty, high-powered wash systems save you money while offering a powerful and efficient wash process for heavy-duty equipment, like this 400-ton haul truck. Check out …

InterClean wheel & chassis wash system

InterClean wheel wash systems are a fast and easy way to ensure compliance with local codes and environmental regulations and protect public safety. Be a …


Superior bus wash systems with design flexibility and proven technology enable you to efficiently and effectively clean your entire bus fleet.


Fast, innovative, and automatic truck wash systems enable you to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness for your entire fleet.


High pressure, custom train wash systems provide safe, efficient, and effective train washes with little maintenance for a variety of climates.


State-of-the-art aircraft wash systems ensure thorough, safe, and efficient aircraft cleaning for public, private, and military applications.


High-pressure military wash systems offer vigorous cleaning power for military vehicles operating in the most extreme conditions.


Heavy-duty, high powered wash systems save you money while offering a powerful and efficient wash process for mining and oil machinery, trucks, and heavy-duty equipment.


InterClean Distributors

A local source for repair, maintenance, parts, and detergent

InterClean heavy duty wash systems are manufactured in the USA and installed and maintained by our broad international network of representatives allowing us to serve customers in every corner of the globe.