How to Keep Up With Your High-Volume Wash Schedule

XJ-404 FF Transit Wash System

Does your current transit wash system struggle to keep up with the high-volume wash schedule of your fleet? Or, does it miss spots, resulting in less-than-clean transit buses? 

If so, you need an InterClean transit vehicle wash system

InterClean’s transit wash systems provide safe, efficient, and effective bus washes with the perfect combination of touchless and friction cleaning for transit agencies like yours.

Watch the video to see the following transit wash systems in action: 

XJ-404 fixed front – drive-through friction wash

→ XJ-402 rear wrap – drive-through friction wash

Centri spinner – drive-through touchless wash

Ultra gantry – friction wash

→ Spray bar – chassis wash

Invest in a wash system that can meet the needs of your fleet.