Wash Water Recycling Done Differently

Water Recycling Process

If you’re in the planning stages for a new bus, truck, or fleet wash system, have you thought about incorporating wash water recycling into your wash system build? For its uniquely designed system, InterClean uses a mix of settling/filtration, aeration, and bioremediation that can save you up to 300 gallons of fresh water per minute!

The water recycling system created by InterClean recycles and aerates the wash water automatically, without requiring changing filters or manual supervision, and is capable of operating under the most demanding vehicle wash conditions such as recycling water used to wash garbage trucks, mining, and military vehicles.

To minimize environmental impact and maximize sustainability no chemicals or additives of any kind are required for the process shown above. The system aerates wash water to ensure that the captured water doesn’t develop any offensive odors or bacteria typically associated with water recycling.

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