Upgrade to InterClean’s Alpha 500 Single Brush Wash System

Someone washing a bus with a single brush automatic wash system

Stuck spending hours manually washing your vehicle fleet? Having trouble hiring enough staff to keep your vehicles clean? Upgrade to InterClean’s Alpha 500 single brush wash system!

The Alpha 500 is an affordable, easy-to-use wash solution for many fleet types of commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses. 

This wash system can be used indoors and outdoors, has an engine silencer, hydraulic traction, automatic detergent dispenser, and 60 minutes of continuous water supply. 

If you are looking for a wash system that cuts wash time and labor costs while delivering consistent, high-quality results, this is the wash system for you.

At InterClean, we are constantly creating innovative systems that are effective and efficient for fleet owners. Learn more about our single brush wash systems!