Case Study


About Sysco

Sysco is a leading foodservice distributor

They supply the greatest selection of fresh produce, meat, seafood, and essential supplies for restaurants, senior lodges, healthcare & educational facilities, and more. For Sysco, their trailer fleet doubles as mobile billboards, so regular cleaning of trailers is key for protecting their brand image.

The Challenge

Sysco approached InterClean’s Western Canadian distributor, NoviClean, looking for a new fleet wash solution at their Edmonton, Alberta distribution center to replace an aging, worn-out gantry wash.

The existing wash system was a slow and ineffective way of washing Sysco’s large fleet of freight trailers. As a result, Sysco experienced significant downtime for their trailers and their employees were tied up for hours while washing trailers manually.

Cue InterClean

To solve Sysco’s current fleet washing challenges and meet their goals for a new wash system, InterClean’s distributor proposed a custom-designed, 3-Brush InterClean Ultra Gantry system.

This type of automatic, roll-over wash system would allow Sysco’s drivers to park their trailers in the wash bay while the Ultra Gantry traverses and thoroughly cleans the vehicle – quickly and effectively.

The Solution

Sysco’s Ultra Gantry wash system was equipped with the following custom configurations:

The brush package was a perfect solution for a fleet such as Sysco’s with uniform trailer shapes. The wrap-around brushes provide a comprehensive and extremely effective wash, using a 1-step wash detergent application, and completing the wash with fresh water rinse-off to leave each trailer spotless.

The Results

With a new InterClean wash system

Sysco saw major reductions in trailer down-time and labor costs associated with washing. Sysco’s new fleet wash met the company’s high standards for trailer cleanliness and allowed for a quick and steady flow of clean trailers to get back on the road and serve the next customer!