Single Brush Wash System

The Entire Wash Takes Less Than 10 MINUTES


The Alpha 500 is an effective, low-cost upgrade from manual washing. The machine is equipped with a user-friendly steering bar and hydraulic drive wheel so any user can easily maneuver the wash machine. The Alpha 500 walk around bus wash is powered by either a diesel motor or a 24V battery pack. This allows the machine to be used in any location, indoor and outdoor. Trained technicians will deliver and assemble your equipment and operators can be trained to use the machine in less than an hour. The Alpha 500 is an ideal solution to quickly reduce the labor required for washing your fleet of vehicles.


The Alpha 500 is available with foam brushes to safely clean and polish your high quality paint finish. Safe to use on all finishes, including decals and wraps.

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Gantry / Rollover







Wheel / Tire & Chassis

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