How to Increase Vehicle Wash System Safety In Your Facility

Bus going through the wash system.

Wash bays can be home to dangerous machines and, in some cases, cause detrimental damages to fleet or harm vehicle operators.

To avoid any unnecessary safety risks, you must make safety a top priority in your facility. There are various features that can ensure your wash bays are both safe and functional for your fleet and drivers.

In this article, you will sit in the driver’s seat as we go step by step through the features you need to increase safety within your facility.

Why Having a Safe Wash System is Crucial

Has your wash equipment ever caused damage to your vehicles? Have you ever heard of people getting hurt or stuck due to a lack of wash system safety features? Eliminating these risks needs to be your top priority when choosing which wash system is best for your fleet.

A Road Map of Safety Features

It’s essential to know what wash system features keep your employees, drivers, and fleet vehicles safe and functioning at all times. At InterClean, we provide all of the following safety features and more to ensure your facilities are protected with the safest equipment possible.

Let’s take a trip through a wash bay so you can discover whether you need to upgrade your current wash system. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the safe ride!

Entering The Wash Bay

Upon entering the wash bay, you will notice one important feature that welcomes you to start your wash journey: indicator lights.

Indicator Lights

An indicator light should turn on when a driver pulls up to the wash system. This indication will provide the driver with knowledge on whether or not they can proceed into the wash bay. This safety feature is combined with sensors to detect if another vehicle is ahead of it and help reduce any contact with another vehicle.

Driving Through the Bay

After passing the indicator lights and entering the wash facility, be sure to avoid getting in the way of other drivers or employees walking around. 99% of the time, drivers will stay in their vehicles unless they are using a Gantry system, and even then, they typically remain in their seats. Although this may seem obvious, it’s essential to always be aware of your surroundings.

Loop Sensors

Loop sensors safely activate and deactivate wash systems based on their surroundings. If there are buses or vehicles in the bay, the wash cycle will start, but when nothing is driving through the systems, the sensors will ensure the wash system does not turn on. This is a safety benefit as the system is only on when necessary. This is also a sustainability feature  and will allow you to reduce your water consumption.

High Press Spinner Arch Bar

Depending on the wash system, there may be a high press spinner arch in the wash bay. This arch evenly sprays vehicles without missing any spots.

One of the safety features applied to the high pressure spinner arch is a bar protecting the spinner and the vehicle. If a driver accidentally jumps the tire guide and hits something in the wash bay, the bar is there to protect the wash system and vehicle. With thoughtful design, the bar was created so that it pivots the system away rather than bending or breaking it in case of contact.

Brush Systems

If you’re deciding to upgrade your wash system and are interested in a system with a brush, a couple of safety features can be set in place.

  1. Speed sensors: If the driver is driving too fast, sensors will detect the high speed, and prevent the brushes from coming in contact with the vehicle . This will ensure there is no unnecessary damage to the vehicles or any wash equipment due to driver error.
  2. Secured single-hung brush. Ensure single-hung brushes are attached on the top AND bottom to increase driver and vehicle safety. You may find that some other wash companies have one secure attachment point at the top of the brush. If a vehicle were to contact the brush directly, it would severely damage the vehicle and possibly hurt the driver. At InterClean, we use two secure points to push the brush away from the vehicle and ensure no damage is caused in the event that a vehicle were to hit the brush.

Behind The Scenes of the Bay

You will not see every safety feature directly as you drive through the wash bay, but they are there, just typically hidden. For example:

  1. Totally enclosed fan-cooled system. This system goes hand in hand with your motor, as it is the best protector in ensuring no water leaks or enters the motors. If water enters your motor, you may have to replace the entire thing.
  2. 24-Volt Sensors Within Wash Bay. This low voltage is necessary for a wet environment to reduce the chances of anyone getting electrocuted.

How InterClean Increased the Safety of Bus Washing One RFID Reader at a Time

School bus going through wash bay.

In a recent project for a school district in Indiana, we needed to ensure that our wash system provided proper safety features to protect bus drivers during wash cycles.

The Challenge

The Indiana school district was concerned about the fact that drivers had to get out of the bus and walk across the bay to make their desired wash selection. Although the bay offers various wash cycles, these drivers choose the same wash cycle every time. There is only one wash option that accommodates the wash needs of their bus based on the size and shape.

InterClean’s Solution

To solve this problem, we helped the customer implement RFID readers with specific patterns and frequencies that can be scanned to transmit and receive data. The RFID tag is placed on the windshield of the buses and is scanned by the wash facility upon entering. The reader’s data identifies which wash program the driver needs and what type of vehicle is entering the facility.

RFID readers do not only make it safe for drivers but also highly convenient for them. It also ensures that only those with these readers can enter the facility, eliminating any individuals who should not be there.

With the RFID reader, the Indiana school district can feel confident that its drivers are safe at all times.

Increase Safety in Your Facility With InterClean

Truck driver in vehicle, leaving wash bay.

Stop taking safety features for granted!

In order to keep drivers and vehicles safe and wash systems in working order, many features and systems can be set up to improve efficiency, convenience and safety.

At InterClean, we will provide you with top-notch equipment with enhanced safety features that will keep you, your operators and your fleet protected. All of our systems have one major thing in common: safety control.

If you’re ready to start improving safety within your facilities, contact InterClean. Let’s make wash systems and facilities safer, one feature at a time. Contact us today!