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clean after going through train wash

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InterClean Heavy Duty’s approach to Transit Rail wash systems is as innovative as the company itself. With our global installations for Transit Rail, we have become a leader in cleaning this type of vehicle. Whether catenary, third rail, diesel, or hybrid electric, we have the experience and knowledge to create the appropriate train wash systems for today and tomorrow.

InterClean creates site-specific washes with special chemical formulations designed to achieve a successful end result, whether the train is located in the frigid winters of Canada, the warm humidity of the Southeastern United States, or anywhere in between.


InterClean Heavy Duty stands alone in its ability to tackle the difficult issues related to washing diesel locomotives.

InterClean locomotive wash systems have been successfully used in a variety of different applications and climates from the iron mines of Australia to the Canadian Arctic.

The Centri*Spinner is the most effective piece of equipment ever designed for diesel locomotive washing.  Understandably, many suppliers seeking to enter the Locomotive wash market have tried to copy InterClean’s cleaning technology and design but as yet, none have been successful.

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