Must-Know Facts About Washing Your Aircraft

Must-Know Facts About Washing Your Aircraft

Aesthetics and presentation go a long way for businesses. A cleaner product displays the professionalism the company offers its clients. This approachable presentation lends itself to the company’s reputation.

Keeping your product clean also improves the longevity of your product.

No matter the sector, your aircraft will run better for longer if you keep up with regular cleaning. Go beyond the safety of your plane to the values a clean product conveys.

Adverse Climate Brings Issues

Aircraft travel in the upper reaches of the atmosphere through areas of higher moisture. The water in the humidity is not harmful, but the salt and other dissolved substances in the air can beat your vehicle down. The salted atmosphere can be as corrosive as ocean water. Regular cleanings reduce the effect of weather and climate on your craft.

More intense weather conditions bring additional issues. Snow, ice, and hail cause impact issues. Deicing a plane helps keep it safe on the trip to come.

Removing Foreign Materials

Corrosion is a threat to the integrity of all vehicles. Salt from the road leads to cars rusting. Similarly, planes deteriorate when they have foreign materials on their surface. Some dangerous substances include:

  • Atmospheric Dust
  • Exhaust
  • Grease
  • Oil
  • Soil
  • Spilled Battery Acids

Washing your aircraft reduces the risk of corrosion. Extend the life of your aircraft with regular washes.

at the Commercial Sector

According to travel websites, Commercial airlines have varying cleaning schedules. Most commercial airlines clean their fleet of planes between six and eight weeks. Some airlines use time as the determinant, such as United Airlines’ 50-day schedule. Other airlines like British Airways base their model on the type of aircraft.

Here at InterClean Equipment, we realize your company runs on the vehicles in your fleet. Whether in the air or on the road, your fleet moves you closer to success. Proper washes for your vehicles will help you avoid downtime and remain productive.

Thinking about adding a wash system for your aircraft or fleet of planes? Contact us today at (734) 961-3300 to chat through your individual needs.

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