How to Mitigate Downtime During Transit Wash System Upgrades

Two large fleets in two wash lanes.

The transit industry relies heavily on creating capacity for its fleets. However, during times of facility upgrades, downtime can severely impact transit operations. Downtime can be caused by a multitude of factors. You may be demolishing your site, upgrading your wash systems or fixing your existing wash systems.

If you’re planning for a new wash system upgrade and you’re worried about downtime in your facility, then this article is for you. Don’t let potential downtime hold you back from upgrading your systems. Discover how you can upgrade to the latest vehicle wash technology while reducing the negative impacts associated with facility downtime. 

Why Mitigating Downtime is Important

Wash system downtime affects both your transit operations and your reputation. If your transit vehicles are not washed regularly, it can affect their appearance, which is a problem if your vehicles double as mobile billboards. Additionally, if more vehicles are waiting to be washed, you’ll have fewer vehicles on the road.

The Best Way to Mitigate Downtime During Facility Upgrades

There are a variety of ways to alleviate downtime during wash facility upgrades. Creating a specific plan for your upgrades will make the process run smoothly.

One of the most important ways to mitigate downtime in your facility is to keep one lane open throughout the upgrade process. If you have two, three or four lanes, keeping at least one lane running at all times will allow you to stay open and create capacity for your operations. Instead of shutting down the entire facility and driving dirty vehicles around, keeping half of your facility open will help mitigate your downtime. This strategy is commonly used within the transit wash industry and is highly recommended for facility upgrades.

Helping Municipalities Mitigate the Downtime of Their Transit Wash Systems

Two buses driving through wash systems.

At InterClean, we have been assisting transit agencies and  municipalities for over 30 years with mitigating downtime during wash system upgrades and ensuring wash operations can continue throughout various upgrades. 

Recently, InterClean worked with Caliber Truck Wash Solutions to help the city of Jacksonville and the city of Las Vegas on project plans to mitigate the downtime of their transit wash facilities during wash system upgrades. 

The City of Jacksonville 

Jacksonville has large fleets housed at a facility that requires multiple bus wash lanes to clean all of their transit buses. Having clean buses all year round is a high priority to Jacksonville.

Their existing wash systems are being replaced by a brand new drive-through system and a water recycling system. InterClean’s engineers have to design and construct the water recycling system on top of upgrading their current wash system, which will extend the upgrade process and the wash system downtime.  

With the assistance of Caliber Truck Wash Solutions, InterClean is helping Jacksonville by installing one wash system at a time. It is vital to keep one lane open so that their buses can still be washed throughout the renovation process. This may require a different scheduling system for the months during renovations. 

The City of Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas relies on their multi-bus wash lanes to provide wash services to their large transit fleets. In Las Vegas, keeping their buses clean is a high priority. That’s why InterClean will be replacing their current wash systems with a new fast and efficient drive-through system.

With over 100 buses driving through their current systems each night,they were worried about the downtime caused by the wash system upgrade.

InterClean’s Approach

InterClean not only designs and builds innovative transit bus wash systems but we can also support transit agencies and municipalities throughout their wash system upgrades.

Having clean buses 24/7 is extremely important for transit agencies, so complete shutdowns during upgrade installations are often not an option. We help transit agencies take advantage of the latest technologies without shutting down during the upgrade process. As large fleets, like transit buses, continue to evolve from diesel to hybrid and electric, their shapes and sizes alter, including their exterior features like mirrors. In order to provide efficient washes for these fleets, wash systems must be innovative so that agencies and municipalities can adapt and grow. 

Mitigate Downtime With InterClean

Double bus wash system.

InterClean has helped many transit facilities mitigate their downtime during wash system upgrades and our state-of-the-art transit wash technology helps transform transit wash facilities by increasing their throughput and providing superior cleaning results.

If you are looking for assistance with upgrading your wash facility, contact us today!