Meet InterClean’s Highly Customizable Ultra-Gantry Wash System

Have you been looking for a highly customizable wash system that meets the unique needs of your fleet?

If so, meet InterClean’s Ultra Gantry wash system.

This wash system features vertical and top brush configurations for powerful washing of a vehicle’s sides, front, rear, and top. Choose from three wash methods: 

PWX touchless spinner → high-pressure water wash method for heavy dirt and mud removal.

Fleet & bus 3-brush roll-over hybrid → High-pressure water and top and side brush (hybrid) wash method to clean standard trucks and buses thoroughly.

Retail & Flex 2- Brush Hybrid → high-pressure water and vertical brush combination (hybrid) with brush, touchless, or hybrid wash options.

Combine any of the above modules with the EQ100 for state-of-the-art water recycling.  Each EQ100 module is capable of producing up to 300 gallons per minute (GPM) of recycled water continuously so you don’t have to compromise on wash quality.