Learn More About InterClean’s Innovative Wash Systems

Are you looking for a wash system that meets the specific needs of your fleet? 

Look no further than 👉 InterClean!

At InterClean, we design innovative wash systems purpose-built for transit, municipal, military, mining, or fleet vehicle washing applications. The following are all of our available wash systems:

1️⃣ Automatic Bus and Truck Wash Systems

2️⃣ Rollover/Gantry Wash Systems

3️⃣ Trailer Washout & Sanitizing Systems

4️⃣ Mining and Industrial Wash Systems

5️⃣ 4.5 Aircraft Clear Water Rinse Systems

6️⃣ Mobile Wash Systems 

7️⃣ Manual Single Brush Fleet Wash System

8️⃣ Wheel, Tire & Chassis Wash System 

9️⃣ Wash Water Recycling System 

As North America’s leading provider of innovative technology in the field of large vehicle cleaning applications, we are sure to have a system that exceeds your expectations.

Learn more about our advanced wash systems!