Clean Your Oddly-Shaped Fleet With an InterClean Wash System

Vehicles like garbage trucks, fire trucks, and school buses are notorious for having a unique structural design. 

Although their unconventional shapes are critical to their operations, they can make it difficult to wash with standard wash systems!

For example, school buses feature side stop signs and safety doors that must be clean at all times. If your wash system can’t effectively clean these unique features, it can cause a safety issue for drivers, bystanders, and other vehicles on the road.

At InterClean, we have purpose-built touchless wash systems that are robust and industry-proven to help remove all of the dirt and debris from irregularly shaped vehicles, even in those hard-to-reach places.

Our wash systems provide fast and effective cleaning cycles, so you can keep your municipal fleet clean and ready to hit the road.

Don’t let your oddly-shaped vehicle go dirty!