Because of the corrosive nature of sea water, the US Navy has established a requirement to wash all aircraft within a 300 mile radius of sea water or for aircraft flying below 3000’ over sea water. This requirement includes either a manual or automatic wash or rinse system.


InterClean has designed a Clear Water Rinse System (CWRS) that offers high volume, low pressure washing which meets US Military specifications for functionality. Approximately 80% of the water used during the rinse process is collected and recycled. To assure efficient rinsing, the water being recycled is continually monitored for salinity and other contaminants (Total Dissolved Solids). Once the TDS reaches a specified level the water is discharged to the sanitary sewer or water storage tank for disposal and fresh water is used to recharge the system.


InterClean uses the latest technology to designs systems that automate the wash and water recycling processes.  This insures efficient, safe and effective Airplane Wash Systems for public, private and military applications.